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They Got Fat Together, Can They Get Thin Together?

We see Jenni and Lynn now. Jenni says that coming home was the worst, and it took her two weeks to relax and put things into perspective. Lynn tells us he was home about three days before he had to go to a sales meeting on a cruise ship. That's totally why he wanted to leave! So mean. He knew he'd be in trouble with all the food, but kept hearing Bob's voice in his ear saying, "Step away from the buffet." Jenni tells us that Lynn has been doing well with his eating, but not so much with the fitness. Jenni's friends have become a great support system, and she seems happier, if still TOTALLY RESENTFUL of her dad. I mean, right? Six weeks after leaving the campus, Lynn has lost 30 pounds, while Jenni has lost 20. And then -- ha! Her little tag is, "She enjoys more self-confidence and greater admiration from her dad." Oh, the ISSUES! It's like a subscription to People, US Weekly, and Reader's Digest all at once.

Next week: Oh, God, more drama. But not from Jillian and Bob! Turns out they're coupling up, too.

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