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They Got Fat Together, Can They Get Thin Together?

The one hour for decision making starts immediately. Jenn says that it might be a blessing in disguise, since she'd rather get the decision over with than prolong her torture. She adds, in her best Jersey voice, "This process friggin' sucks." Maggie pleads their case to the others. Jenn interviews that they told everyone to vote with their hearts and guts, because some people want to be there and some don't. I think we all know who the "some don't" is. Jenni tells everyone that she worked her butt off and doesn't know what happened, but she wants to be there and has been fighting for her dad to stay there. Just because people think he wants to go home, she says, they should torture him and make him stay. Thanksgiving dinner with this family must be a joy. Lynn tells everyone to make their decision, and it doesn't matter to him. Jenni interjects that it matters to her. Oh, here we go. Lynn says he knows that, but if he goes home he'll continue the weight loss, and will make sure that Jenni does too. Jenni just shakes her head. And really, that was the time for the old man to step up, and it was kind of shitty of him not to put in a word to help their chances of staying.

Jenni interviews that Lynn had a touch of happiness as he was packing, and that pissed her off. She tells him that he's made it very clear from the get-go that he doesn't want to be there, and the fact that she does want to be there means nothing to him. And THEN, in a "Jenni's issues in a nutshell" moment, Lynn tells her that she lost the least weight of all the women and only pulled seven pounds. He repeats, "Seven pounds," before adding that he lost 19. And then, in a very sad and dramatic moment, Jenni interviews that Lynn wants to go home, but they need to be there. She knows that the minute they get off the airplane, it's going to go back to the way it used to be, and Lynn's going to die. Ugh. Maybe I take back my statement about how awesome the emotional drama is. I can't take it!

It's elimination time. The Yellow Team votes for Jenn and Maggie. A teary Amanda reveals that the White Team voted for Jenni and Lynn. The Blue Team voted for Lynn and Jenni as well. Bernie tells Lynn that he owes it to his grandchildren to lose weight, and he needs to do that at home. Well, it appears that Pukey G. can speechify. The Orange Team votes for Lynn and Jenni as well. Two more votes and Lynn and Jenni are toast. The Brown Team also votes for Lynn and Jenni, because both team members do not seem to be on the same page. The Pink Team seals the deal as Bette-Sue reveals their vote for Jenni and Lynn. Jenni says she hopes she's learned enough over the past week. Ali asks if she's proud of Lynn. Jenni says she is, but hopes that he can continue at home. Lynn says he will, and promises to see everyone at the grand finale. Lynn tells Jenni that he's sorry they're going home, but promises to be there for her if she's there for him. They have a total group-therapy session in front of the camera and it's actually kind of boring.

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