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Previously: The Blue Team lost the weigh-in and faced their first elimination, sending David home. The fact that his paranoia was not unfounded should be a lesson to all!

We open with the teams cooking in the kitchen and worrying that there's not enough food. That must be an awfully common concern on the Biggest Loser ranch. Gina is surprised that her teammates didn't see fit to vote her off, since she's the biggest loser in the house and thus quite a threat. She's more motivated than ever, and assures us that she's serious competition. Ali enters the house and congratulates the contestants on making it halfway through the competition. I thought last week was halfway? Oh, cruel truth! And speaking of cruel truth, Ali Sweeney has come to drop some news: it's time to go to singles! She doles out new colorful shirts and Danni is seemingly happy at this turn of events, though she may be at a disadvantage with her lack of alliances. Jillian is probably quite pleased too, since she's no longer at risk of losing her job. The yellow line is nigh, and the two people who have the lowest percentages of weight lost will fall below it and be up for elimination. Let the gameplay begin!

The next day, the contestants meet Ali in a room full of sweet treats. They REALLY look delicious, too, as opposed to some of the crusty, stale looking temptation challenges of yore. While the Losers celebrated the move to singles, Ali points out that millions of Americans celebrate together during the Valentine's season. Not to make all the unattached folk out there feel like shit or anything. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, Americans buy more than 58 MILLION pounds of chocolate, most of it unfortunately waxy. And that doesn't even include those weird chalky candy hearts and cakes and that sort of stuff. In this temptation challenge, the contestants will have ten minutes to eat as many calories as possible, and the "winner" will get a two-pound advantage at the weigh in. Danni surmises that there is not much of an "advantage" for her, since if she eats so much as a single chocolate shaving Jillian will murder her. But wait, there's more! The winner can give an additional two-pound advantage to someone else in the house. But wait, there's more! Again! Love is blind, and the contestants will be as well. At this, the lights go out, and Ali says that they'll have to gorge themselves in the dark.

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