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And the ten minutes begin! We see Alex and Francelina eating. Joe sniffs a piece of cake, but doesn't eat it. Jackson shuffles nervously, realizing that butter cream frosting is a slippery slope. Michael sits on the floor in protest, while Danni takes it one step further and does crunches! She is truly the best. Jeff doesn't even like sweets, but decides to pop a few sweets and a bite of red velvet cake. With three minutes left, the other contestants joke about how Gina has been awfully quiet and now is probably halfway through a table of cakes. But Gina reminds us that she's diabetic, and touching any of this stuff would basically put her in a coma. But she does start making noises like she is munching on stuff, to get the other gluttons to eat even more. This dastardly psychological technique works on Francelina and Alex, the latter of whom is practically barfing like Jackson at having to shove another brownie in her mouth.

With the ten minutes over, Ali announces that only three people ate. Jeff downed 270 calories worth of pecan clusters, which wasn't enough to put him in contention. I think he enjoyed the sampling, though. As for Francelina and Alex, one ate 1150 calories and the other downed a close-second 1036. And the winner is... Francelina. She gets the two-pound advantage, and feels that her risk was worth it. Alex learns that if she had finished that nasty brownie, she would have won the whole shebang. This news is tempered by a bit of sweet karma as Francelina gives her bonus two-pound advantage to Alex. That was a stand up move for sure.

Michael gives Francelina a bit of a hard time for downing so many calories, while Danni questions whether she should have put in a bid for the two-pound advantage. Gina says she's crazy to think that, but Danni worries that, since she and Francelina have lost comparable amounts of weight so far in the competition, this might tip the balance in Francelina's favor a little. Conversation then turns to Gina's performance as a fake eater of tempting foods. Her former Blue Team members wonder if they should have gotten rid of her when they had the chance, and Michael notes that her attitude is toxic. Well, she is a lawyer, after all. She's like the white Star Jones. You want to keep your eye on that.

And then we catch up with Lisa, who looks absolutely freaking gorgeous! She lost 79 pounds, and feels fantastic. Lisa tells us that dreams come true, and you can do anything you put your mind to. Her husband has lost over 60 pounds, too! She's large and in charge. Or, rather, less large, but still in charge. Good for her!

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