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With that, it's challenge time! The contestants enter a skating arena, and Michael is nervous about the mix of fat people and ice. (There doesn't really seem to be any actual ice, though.) Ali delivers a video via scoreboard, then meets them in the middle of the rink. She notes that it's Valentimes Day, which would be an ideal time to bring a loved one to the ranch. And that's what the winner of this challenge will get to do, for exactly 24 hours! Everyone is homesick and missing their families, and Gina starts crying knowing that she probably won't win the challenge. However! The winner of the challenge gets to pick one other person to have a guest from home. The challenge is essentially a series of sprints. A spotlight will appear in an area of the arena, and the contestants will have to race there. The last person to the light is eliminated. This will continue until there are three players left, and at that point the first person who gets to the final light wins.

The contestants get outfitted in raver track suits, and the challenge begins! Gina is the first to be eliminated, and cries at the fact that she's blown her chance to see her husband. In the second round, Jackson is eliminated. The third spot is at the top of the arena, and around the concourse. It's quite far! Michael is last in the third round, and so is eliminated in despair. Jeff and Alex are eliminated in the next two rounds, which leaves Francelina, Joe and Danni in the final round. The first in the spotlight will win the challenge. Danni took the strategy of not bothering to come in first in the previous rounds, to try to save up some energy for the final. She takes a lead, but Joe isn't far behind her. But Danni wins, like she wins everything! Joe comes in second, with Francelina in third. Danni decides to give her bonus visit away to Gina, who says that Danni is like a kid to her. And then, because she is awesome, Danni decides to give her own visit away to Michael, saying that she got a touch of home last week with her letters. Way to build up good karma in the elimination room! Michael is thrilled that his boo is coming. Maybe she'll get to bring the baby, too?

After a break, Gina gets ready for a visit from her husband, Chad. We see some pre-show footage of Gina snuggling up to Chad wearing a lacy nightie and a CPAP mask. That's one way to kill the mood! Chad sneaks up on Gina and they kiss and hug and stuff. And then they walk off to bone on the Presidential Mile! And hooray, Mike's wife Chavalle is there! With the baby! They are the collective cutest. We go back to Gina and Chad, who are at something called Inspiration Point with a picnic lunch. Chad is thrilled that Gina is taking time to take care of herself. He has a present for her -- her wedding ring, which she hasn't been able to wear in two years. Gina tells us that she's gained 100 pounds since her wedding day, less than five years ago. And it fits! I mean, it might be cutting off the circulation on that finger, but she got it on, dammit. Dolvett walks with Michael and Chavalle, to get perspective on Mike's journey to the ranch. Chavalle admits that she was afraid for Michael, but never verbalized it. The baby put things in perspective for Michael, who didn't want him to have to call another man "daddy." We get old footage of Michael chowing down, and then Dolvett tells Chavalle that he wants her to take this journey with Michael. She's ready to be there for him, and do this for herself. And then we see the kid smile, and OH MY GOD MY OVARIES.

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