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Walk Away, Renee

This leaves Vicky, who still refuses to drop in the water. Heba looks at her like she's crazy, which she might be. Michelle is jokingly peeved that Vicky is stealing all of her thunder. Heba tells Vicky that she should jump so her kids don't have to see her be a big puss on TV. Yeah, think of the children. Sami tries using the whole, "This is the 'I can't' attitude that got you so fat in the first place" line of reasoning, but that doesn't work either. Ed takes matters into his own hands and jumps into the pool to give Vicky a "point of reference." Uh-oh. Pretty soon I think the whole "Are you okay? Are you okay? Call EMS!" scenario is going to be acted out. Ed finally tells Vicky to jump so they can all get the fuck out of there and, because she oddly responds to male anger/authority, she does. Sami turns this into a triumph of the spirit, and Vicky buys into that line of reasoning as well.

The Blue Team regales Bob with stories of the challenge, including Vicky's triumphant fall into the pool. She explains that she's not usually afraid of heights, so she's not sure what her problem was. But she was glad to have Ed in the pool, because she trusts him. Bob thinks this is what it's all about. But the person that Vicky can trust at the end of the day, he says, is Vicky. She seems to trust well enough in her own evil genius ways. But she claims that she always second guesses her actions. Bob thinks that it was very hard for Vicky when Brady left, and that maybe she needs to do something by herself. Vicky cries and says that she has herself to lean on now. Are we seriously getting a Vicky redemption edit? It's a little late in the game for that, if you ask me. I mean, revenge vision board. That's all I'm saying. And isn't it enough that Heba's been moderately enjoyable these days?

Last chance workout! Work, work, work, sweat, sweat, sweat, beatings, beatings, beatings. Everyone wants to win a whole bunch.

And then it's time for the weigh-in! Vicky looks kind of crazy again. I take back what I said about her red hair suiting her. She looks like some dastardly Baby Jane shit is happening in her brain. And because of that, she's going to weigh in first. Vicky goes from 180 to 176, for a loss of 4. She says she's proud of the number, and hopes it's enough to keep her there. It is indeed a decent number, particularly during vacation week. Vicky's total percentage lost is 2.22%. Renee is up next, and is feeling good. She goes from 199 to 195, for a loss of 4. She's disappointed, and Jillian says that even though Renee is doing great generally, this is not going to be enough. Her total percentage lost is 2.01%. Michelle is next, and needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to stay safe. She had a huge loss last week, so is a bit nervous. She goes from 176 to 171, for a loss of 5. Michelle is turning it out! She's proud, but is worried about her mom dropping below the yellow line. Michelle's total percentage lost is 2.84%. She's definitely safe.

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