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In a brief interlude from our dental hijinx, Bryan tries to find some low-sodium foods that he likes. Kim thinks that he's improving, which is part of the process.

Nicole, who has a raspberry on her chin, shows us her temporary teeth. The show doctor, Dr. Huizenga, introduces Dr. Jennifer Kerns, who lost 110 pounds as an at-home contestant last year. They're there to give the contestants some updates on how their health is progressing. Dr. Huizenga measures Neil's weight in "jug units." As this is basically a water cooler jug, I am not convinced that "jug units" is a scientific term actually in use by the medical community. Julie lost twelve inches from her waist, which is the most of any of the contestants there. This makes her feel good, especially since she's lost the least amount of weight of anyone remaining. She says that you can't always judge everything by the scale. Isabeau went from being significantly diabetic to having the best insulin levels of any of the contestants. Bill has gone off of his blood pressure medication, and has moved from uncontrolled hypertension to excellent blood pressure. We see some before footage of Bill, which is really startling given how great he looks now. Bryan's cholesterol has dropped over 100 points into the normal range. Nicole lost seventy-four pounds of hydrated fat. She gained eleven pounds of muscle, and has proportionally lost the most amount of fat. Nicole is only twenty-six! That's crazy. Twenty-six and toofless. Hollie has overcome adversity. She has a severe thyroid problem, and has lost more area in her hips proportionately than anyone else -- over 40%! Everyone is proud of themselves. Julie says that what they've all accomplished is worth more than $250,000: they've gotten their lives back. It is seriously amazing how much you can improve your health by losing some tonnage.

Bob jovially yells at Nicole for diving into the shallow end of the pool, but he's impressed that, even with basically having two pieces of corn for teeth, she's all smiles and ready to work out. I have to say that if I lost a chunk of my front teeth, I'd be freaking out. It makes me think that either something is wrong with Nicole or she's highly medicated. Bob boxes with Nicole and generally seems to work her out pretty hard. Nicole knows that she fell below the yellow line last week, and is determined not to do so again, because she loves being there. Bob thinks that Nicole is a sleeper flying under the radar, and says that, in fact, she's third in terms of weight lost, right behind Bill and Neil. That IS a surprise. Speaking of Neil, he pumps some iron and notes that this last chance workout might be the hardest one he's ever had. He looks pretty damn tired. Bob says that Neil will just keep going, which is a little annoying. And that's not the only thing about Neil that's annoying, let me tell you. Neil interviews that he thinks Bob was trying to break him, but that Neil wouldn't let him do it. Bob yells at Neil until he says he wants to be number one. It's kind of weird and creepy, actually. Neil pants like an asthmatic Weimaraner when they're finished.

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