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Bryan's last chance workout is also especially tough, given that Kim can focus all of her energy on him. She tells us again how important it is that he stay, and that she needs him as much as he needs her right now. How does Kim even work out with her giant fake boobs and not get black eyes? It's really a miracle of science. Bryan thinks he pushed himself tremendously, and is going to kick boo-tay at the weigh-in. The two play basketball, and Kim does nothing for white person or female basketball stereotypes.

Jillian, meanwhile, engages in beatings. She says that Bill is a little bit nutso. That's like the centipede calling the Raquel Welch leggy. Jillian knows this, and thinks it's why they get along. Bill notes that if he falls below the yellow line, his chances of staying are slim to none. The Black Team ladies sprint on the treadmills. Julie says that she's the smallest person there now, and has to work twice as hard for the same results as the others. She's scared of the yellow line as well. She almost kicks Jillian in the face, which Jillian enjoys. Hollie tells us that she's on a modified workout this week because of an injured ankle, so she's stressed. Jillian says that Hollie goes into a place where when you train her hard, she thinks you're victimizing her. Jillian can't take the fact that Hollie is being a baby. She tells her team that nothing is getting easier, but that at the end of the day it doesn't matter what they see on the scale -- what matters is the blood, sweat, and tears they've left on the gym floor. That's why gyms have that bottle of sanitizer near the paper towels. Julie starts crying, saying that they've all always had each other, but that it's inevitable that at some point, one of them is going home. Jillian says that if any of them were to leave now, she wouldn't worry about them going. She'd miss them, but knows that they can continue their journeys on their own. Initially I wrote, "Fly, baby birds!" here, as I was watching the show. Later on in the episode, Kim says the exact same thing, and believe you me the fact that Kim and I think alike in any way has been aggrieving me all night. Soon I will be berating you guys for going and reading Couch Baron's recaps. When and if you regret your decision, send me an email. Until then, hang on to your red Tubey.

Weigh-in time! Hollie is not feeling confident. Nicole thinks that, despite the fact that she has no teeth, she worked really hard. Bryan is ready for the finals. Neil thinks that if he falls below the yellow line, he's going home. Sami says something to the contestants, but I don't know what, since my NBC station is having a Rhode Island emergency alert system monthly test. So Sami's mouth opens, and all I hear is, "Beep. Beep. Beep." Which isn't all that different from what actually happened, I'm sure.

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