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Bryan is unhappy thinking about breaking the yellow line news to Kim, and says that if he's eliminated, he doesn't know what will happen to her. I'm not totally sure either, but I really hope it's something bad. He talks to the others in the kitchen, and tries to convince them -- even though the Black alliance seems pretty strong -- that Hollie might be an equal if not bigger threat. His speech is pretty much greeted with silence, though Julie and Isabeau give him high fives and kisses on his way to pack. Kim is upset when she learns of Bryan's fate. She knows that Bryan's chances aren't good, with the Black Team having the majority vote. While I'd be sad to see Bryan go, the thought of a dual Bryan/Kim elimination does fill my heart with a tiny amount of glee. Okay, not so tiny. Bryan gets a little emotional, and Kim pouts. But Bryan knows he did everything in his power. He even cut out the soy sauce and ate whatever nasty oatmeal and Nabisco 100 Calorie Snack Packs the show insists on promoting! Kim says that Bryan has her forever, and that she's not going anywhere. The finish line is never, she says, as tears roll down her face, and she knows that Bryan is ready. "Fly, little bird, fly!" she says, much to my chagrin. She interviews that if Bryan goes and the Red Team is extinct, she'll still be proud. She guarantees that the Red Team will all get their lives back, and for her that's success. Bryan picks Kim up and carries her across the Biggest Loser quad as she asks him not to go. I hope Bryan's wife slaps him in the head every time he and Kim get a little too close for comfort.

As we head to elimination, Hollie says that she's pretty confident, but that votes have changed last minute before so you never know. Isabeau. Hollie isn't ready to go home. Neither is Bryan. Kim has so much more information that he knows she can impart if he's there longer. Of course, the information all has to do with how awesome she is, so he might be better off just renting some Tae Bo videos at home. Bryan says that if you haven't been overweight, you don't know what it's like. He cries as he says he's not sad right now, but is really proud of himself. Oh, him! He is truly adorable.

In the elimination room, Sami speechifies. She notes that whoever isn't voted out tonight stands a pretty good chance of making it to the final four. I mean, statistically, that person would have a one in six chance. So, I guess. Sami also notes that if Bryan goes home, that's the end of the Red Team, which would be a first in Biggest Loser history. A delicious, Kim-free first. It's like a fat-free first, but sweeter and more filling.

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