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Previously: Dolvett, Bob and Jillian left the ranch to go visit the kiddos, and there was markedly less screaming. The Blue Team struggled without Bob, while Jackson finally learned the wonders of Pepto-Bismol and stopped puking just in time to take a leadership role in the Red Team. Pam and Danni kicked butt in the challenge and worked really hard, but Pam was still eliminated, thus bringing the White Team down to one sad member.

We enter post-weigh-in, where poor Danni is all by her lonesome in a sea of blue and red shirts. She lets the group know that she's always had a fear of being alone. Maybe this whole thing is a bit set up by Dr. Phillian to give Danni radical exposure therapy? Like that show where they make people with OCD lick the inside of dumpsters? Danni also has a fear of being alone with Jillian, with no one else to deflect the rage or get a bucket of crap dumped over their head.

The next day, the teams head into the kitchen and talk for a bit about the importance of healthy eating. But as they open their pantries and fridge, they realize that some dastardly Mother Hubbard shit has gone down, and there is no food to be had. There is, however, a note from Sami, telling them to meet her at the grocery store down the road. Everyone has just come from a workout, and Michael points out to us that you don't mess with an overweight person's food at the best of times because bitches might get surly and go for your love handles.

When they get to the store, Sami tells the contestants that this week they're going to learn how to eat healthy on a budget, to debunk the myth that people can't afford healthy food. Each person gets ten dollars a day, and teams will have to buy food based on that budget. If they go over budget, whatever is left in the cart will have to be put back, which is always awkward at the checkout line and causes the people behind you to roll their eyes and sigh in an exaggerated fashion. In other challenging news, the contestants will only have fifteen minutes to shop. And this isn't a Supermarket Sweep type situation, where you can just chuck hams and garden hoses into your cart and call it a day.

The shopping begins! The Red Team has a ringer in Lisa, who is used to feeding a family of six on a budget. Danni has only herself and $70, and wonders if it will be enough. Alex tells us that she doesn't grocery shop, since she's traditionally been a fast food junkie. Jackson worries that the Red Team is going to overlook something, and then be out of luck for the entire week. At the checkout, the Red Team spends $277, which is just under their budget of $280. They could have gotten an extra bag of Biggest Loser carrots! Sami is bagging, because she's helpful like that. The Blue Team also comes under budget, with $349 spent out of $350. Gina gets kudos for her crack accounting skills. Danni bought a lot of organic stuff and bulk grains, and spent a mere $61 out of her $70 budget. If only she could go grab a few pounds of Jennie-O!

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