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And so, Lisa has been eliminated. She says that she's going to go home and work hard, with her family that is 120 percent behind her. Or 8,000,000 percent behind her. Lisa tells us that her teammates can see how strong she is, and that she's very different than when she arrived. She feels blessed to have Dolvett as her trainer, since he taught her that she can do anything she puts her mind to. She's going home with her head held high, proud at doing exactly what she set out to do. The next time we see Lisa, this teacher will have learned her lesson -- how to love herself. And I mean, it IS the greatest love of all.

We catch up with Lisa now. She started the show at 246 pounds, and now weighs 170 -- that's a loss of 76 pounds! She looks great. We are reminded that Lisa works in special education, and she's going to teach health and wellness and healthy living in her classroom now. And they're going bowling! That seems like a little bit of a stereotype, right? She goes snowshoeing with her own kids, and is proud to finally be an athletic role model for them. Her weight loss has expanded the things that the family can do together, and she's looking forward to her future accomplishments. In addition to teaching classes, Lisa plans to become a trainer for special needs people! She seriously seems like the sweetest person of all time, so good for her.

Next week: yet another Gina freakout! This time super-sized. Laila Ali is on hand, and there's a crazy challenge and weigh-in twist involving giant dice.

If you're looking for Potes, she's in Dolvett's Dungeon. Tweet her @traciepotes or email for more tales of inspiration.

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