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Weigh-In Shocker

Team Two -- Bryan, Ryan, and Nicole -- has to lose more than 11 to beat this. Bryan goes from 304 to 297, for a loss of 7. He's also ecstatic to be under 300 pounds. Ryan goes from 320 to...commercials. BIG SHOCKER! Part one, anyway. When we return, we learn that Ryan's current weight is 321. Yes, he gained a pound. Everyone is crushed, and most especially Ryan. Oh, just wait, everyone. Nicole has to lose more than five pounds. She was at 248 and now weighs 244, for a loss of four. This means that Team One is safe, and Amy can realize the true brilliance of Jillian next week, and hopefully the aforementioned headlock will come to pass. Team Two lost a total of 10 pounds, which equals 1.15%.

Team Three -- Kae, David, and Hollie -- has to lose more than 8 pounds. Kae tells us she's feeling out of sync with everything and is freaking out. Still, she goes from 178 to 174 for a loss of four. Hollie started at 225 and is now at 223, for a loss of two. She's relieved and starts crying. I bet she's still super-emotional from her mom passing away. She says that, given all that's happened, she's glad to still be making some progress. David was previously at 323 and now weighs 315, for a loss of 8. Team Three basically rocked it. Combined, they lost 14 pounds, which is 1.93%.

Team Four has to lose more than 10 pounds. Jez started at 295 and now weighs 289, for a loss of 6. Isabeau notes that she has two of the strongest contestants on her team, and that there's no way they can lose. Oh, foreshadowing, you have the sweet taste of a mallow cup, and are just as sticky. She was previously at 259, and now weighs 255, for a loss of 4. So Neil has to lose more than one pound for them to have beaten Team Two. Nicole notes that he's pulled double digits five out of six weeks, so she figured it was over at that point. Neil started at 355 and...d'oh! Shocked looks all around! And commercials. When we return, everyone is going, "What?" "What?" "What?" and gasping. And...woah! Neil weighs 372 pounds for a GAIN of SEVENTEEN POUNDS! Holy shit. He says he let himself down, and let his team down, and he looks like he's going to cry. Or, I should say, like he's going to cry the tears of the 17-pound crocodile he ate. No one can believe it. This week, team four gained 7 pounds, which is plus .77%. This means they're headed to elimination. Sami notes that this is the first time all season that anyone's gained weight, and cryptically says that maybe the game is on. As a total innocent, I had no idea what she meant by this. William Blake then wrote a song about my coming to experience, which went like this, "Technically it's not cheating / But Jillian will want to give him a beating."

The teams head back to the campus, and Julie says that her gut is telling her that something's not right. Isabeau says that there's no way you can gain 17 pounds in one week, and that he's clearly water-loaded. She wonders if there's a plan, and who else is in on it. David goes and talks to Neil, saying that everyone thinks there's deviousness going on. He doesn't think Neil is that guy, and wants him to go talk to everyone. Julie says that it's hard to believe anyone can gain that much weight without game play. Neil confronts everyone and tells them emphatically that he didn't do it. He says he'd have to consume and retain more than two gallons of water, which weigh nine pounds each. Hollie asks how he knew that a gallon of water weighed eight pounds. BUSTED! He totally threw the weigh-in. Neil interviews that it wasn't supposed to be that obvious. If you don't want your sinister machinations to be obvious, maybe try to gain less than SEVENTEEN POUNDS. He's not only sinister, but kind of dumb, which makes him the George W. Bush of the competition. Jez says that he tried to give his team an advantage, and it doesn't make sense that it shook out like this. Hollie thinks this is one of the dirtiest things she's ever seen. She wonders if everyone is in on it. Seriously, though, I was shocked by this whole thing. Can a multi-seasons Biggest Loser watcher email me and let me know if this has happened before?

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