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Weigh-In Shocker

The contestants go to the elimination room, where Sami calls out Neil on his deviousness. She notes he took a pretty big risk, and is counting on the former Blues to back him up. Julie makes a really moralistic speech about integrity, fairness and honesty, before revealing that her team chose to vote out Neil. Given that she's with Bill and Amy, this makes sense. Team Two, which includes Ryan, Nicole, and Bryan, voted for Jez. Et tu, Bryan? Sami tells them that if the third vote is for Isabeau, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will go home. This would be Neil, and it would also be sweet justice.

David, Kae, and Hollie are next. David gives a speech about wanting to compete against the best, which is total bullshit, because Hollie is already crying. They voted for Jez. BASTARDS! Including Kae, who wouldn't play peanut-butter-cup poker and was disgusted with those who did. For shame. Jez says he's lived his life consumed by fear, of both failing and succeeding. He says he's leaving with integrity, and adds that he didn't see this coming. Sami has a tear in her eye as she bids goodbye to Jez. He gives big hugs to all the former Blacks. He should totally punch Neil in his water-loaded stomach. As he walks away he tears up. It sucks, especially because Jez seemed like such a nice, fun guy. He interviews that he's proud of himself and his team, and that he has nothing to be ashamed of. He's stronger than he could have imagined. The health and happiness that he has will be a constant reminder. We see Jez today, who started at 345. Now he weighs 242, for a total loss of 103. Wow! He says he needed to make a big change and so moved out to California. He has a random white child. The most important thing he learned on the show was how much strength he had inside of him. Go Jez! He looks really great.


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