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Meanwhile, Bob works with the kids on a series of exercises in some sort of obstacle-course-type thing. Bob reminds us that childhood obesity is a huge and continually growing problem, and tells us that statistics show that children now may not outlive their parents. Bob tells Sunny, Lindsay and Bingo that they're going to have a whole bunch of people on their side now, which is absolutely true. Back in the gym, Jillian has made a special project of TC. She thinks he's addicted to being a victim, and when he falls off of the stair climber (after a whole lot of drama about whether he would get on the stair climber at all) she tells him to get out of the gym. Bob works with Michael, who does not get kicked out of the gym, and Nikki, 26 and 280 pounds, tells us that Jillian is more insane than ever. Goody? Nikki is from Chatsworth, California, and tells us that she's struggled with eating disorders. She lost 60 pounds in five months when she was bulimic, which may SEEM very effective but is NOT. She is completely gorgeous, and has a loving husband. She wants kids, but says that at her current size it's not possible. So she has a cat. Holla! When Nikki complains that her knee hurts, Jillian sends her outside to join Nate and TC. The poor two women who are left on Jillian's team wonder if their newfound specialized attention is a karmic result of collectively being Hitler in a past life.

Jillian heads outside to talk to Nikki, Nate and TC. She wants to know if they're in or out. When Nate says that he's disappointed in himself, Jillian tells him that she doesn't have time for his pathology. They call all push through it, in which case she'll be happy to give her opinion on all the things that are wrong with them, but she won't waste time on people who won't utilize her help. If they don't shape up, they're going to have to ship out at the end of the week.

Happily, Jillian is way more mellow with the kids. She tells us that the goal is to introduce them to an active lifestyle and make it enjoyable, not make them throw up and want to slit their wrists. She asks them what they want for themselves, and why they're on the show. Lindsay says that she doesn't feel confident with herself, and talks about how others will laugh at her. Jillian relates, saying that kids would make horse sounds at her when she walked down the hall. She asks if they were right about her. Lindsay says no, and when Jillian asks if they're right about Lindsay herself, she also says no. Sunny is thrilled and surprised that Jillian can relate to them, and notes that she thought Jillian would just crush anyone who picked on her. She asks the kids if they believe in their own value, and Sunny says that people judge her for her weight rather than the person she is. She wishes she could enjoy being a kid and be comfortable and confident. Jillian tells her that she's now changing her narrative, and when people look at her they're going to see the kid who worked her butt off and was an inspiration.

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