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Back at the ranch, everyone's in the house and basically just completely dog-tired. Nate is kind of bummed that he's the one who kept falling off the treadmill. He felt like he was trying hard, and Jillian throwing him out of the gym made him feel worthless. Cate gives him some words of encouragement, which are lovely and also make him cry again. Nikki is also having a bit of a head trip, having been screamed at all damned day and also feeling isolated in a house full of strangers and out of control of just about everything.

And then it's challenge time! Jeff, who is 24 and starting at 388 pounds, says that everyone is hungry for the first win. And for waffles. The challenge (which also involves the kids!) takes place in a giant ball pit, in which are tiles painted with letters spelling "The Biggest Loser." The kids all get to direct the grownups how to find the letters, but to do so they have to be suspended above the ball pit. Bingo, who hates heights, is not psyched. The winning team gets a five-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Also FYI, Jackson is still alive.

The challenge begins! Lindsay helped to devise the strategy for the Red Team, who she is assisting, which is to have the slowest person go first and the fastest last. The kids have the most bad-ass set up, because they get to pull themselves along a set of ropes while suspended above the course and tell a bunch of grown-ups what to do. The adults are not having so much fun wading through the balls, though. We finally get to the point where each team has one letter to go, and the White Team takes it home! Given the fact that their morale has been totally depleted from Jillian kicking three-fifths of the team out of the gym, this was a meaningful victory. Sami thanks the kids and bids them adieu for now. They get bikes and other fitness equipment, along with an iPad to help communicate with the trainers while at home.

And then it's last chance workout! Jillian is not even that thrilled about her team's challenge victory, and just puts them back on the treadmill. Nikki, Nate and TC are awfully nervous, as they should be. Jackson is on the rowing machine, and hurls right off the side. Sadly for his teammate Joe, the puke splashes on him. Jackson shows an awful lot of pluck by telling us that every time he pukes he takes a few seconds to breathe, then gets right back to it. TC tries his hardest not to piss off Jillian, which is a smart move. When Bob has his Blue Team stop their treadmill walking, Gina forgets that the belt is still moving, takes a step on it, and absolutely bites it. Normally that's YouTube gold, but Bob is concerned and asks Gina why she's distracted. As the oldest and ostensibly the weakest link, she's worried that she has a target on her back. Bob tells her to try believing in the kick-ass lady that she is, and even gives her a very Stuart Smalley-esque affirmation to help her along.

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