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Thanksgiving Leftovers

It's the Thanksgiving season, which means that you need a reminder about how losing 350 pounds plus eating 350 pounds of stuffing means that you're fat again. Thus, it's the Biggest Loser Where Are They Now special! We begin by being reminded that over the last six years over 200 contestants have lost more than 20,000 pounds and burned nearly 70 million calories on this show. How exactly did they figure out those stats? They must have run the numbers through Dr. Huizenga's "whatever science that we have" machine. We get a montage of contestants past, which involves lots of sweating and screaming and tears. Tonight, we'll catch up with 35 former players and learn if we get to feel vastly superior or inferior slash inspired, based on how much weight they have or haven't put back on. Curtis Stone is on hand to treat the contestants to an early Thanksgiving dinner featuring, it seems, parsley covered pork loin. Yum? And season one winner Ryan is totally fat again. Jillian gets to shake her head and yell at him. God, this intro is long. It's like a metaphor for the season.

Jillian, Bob and Sami are on hand to introduce the show, and before you can say "unlikely romance" we jump into the story of Stephanie and Sam, who met during season nine. Sam was teamed with his brother Koli, and espoused the values of hard work. Stephanie was teamed up with her mom, Patty, and really wanted to be in love. Today, Sam and Stephanie are living in L.A. and being a very attractive couple. Stephanie's total weight loss to date is 89 pounds, and she says she's the healthiest she's ever been. She's in love with her BFF (that's Sam), who also happens to be super hot and a good gym buddy. Sam says he can't go a day without seeing Stephanie. Can Dr. Phillian get on the codependence here? Going through their transformations together allowed time to connect on a grand level and all that jazz.

The day of filming just happens to be the one-year anniversary of when Stephanie and Sam arrived at the ranch. They've come back to the ranch, and Sam is going to propose. What more romantic spot to choose than the elliptical where you once hurled your Jennie-O turkey burger? I wish the trend of people proposing on TV would stop, because it's gross. Unless it's Jillian proposing to me. Then it's very romantic. Though this is at least better than proposing in front of some sort of live audience. Stephanie and Sam literally walk down memory lane, e.g. the running path on campus. They pass the spot where they first kissed, and Sam starts to look a little nervous. He tells us that his heart is pounding. Oh and yikes, Sam and Stephanie's families are lying in wait at the gym so Sam can, in fact, propose before an audience. I overestimated this guy, though I have to say that he does seem quite sincere and they are a sweet couple.

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