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's homeland. He's going to meet the Princess of Tonga, to talk about their ways and the weight issues that have resulted in vastly increasing levels of diabetes. Sione starts feeling a little insecure, but turns on the charm when he meets Her Royal Highness Princess Salote Mafile'O Pilolevu Tuita. Thank goodness for captions. Sione says that this is his first trip to Tonga, and talks about his experience on BL. HRH knows that the challenge is in maintaining the weight loss. Her theory about the robust Tongan physique is that instead of going to the plantation and going fishing every day, Tongans started going to the market. Physical activity became less important culturally, but it's time to get more Tongans on Sione's program. Sione is impressed by the Princess and her love for her people in the Kingdom of Tonga and abroad.

Sione gathers a bunch of Tongans and brings them together for a beach workout. It's Bob-style, and involves lunges, jumping jacks, and butt kicks. Sione notices that people were tired, in a good way. He agrees with HRH that people are no longer living an active lifestyle. If I lived in that gorgeous place, I too would just sit around and eat stuff. In fact, I do that in bleak, wintry Rhode Island! Sione is clearly very moved by his experience in Tonga, and by feeling that he's been able to give something back to his country of ancestry. He and his dad sit in the sea-turtle catching place, and cry a little, and bond. At this point it feels tacky to mention that he's maybe put on a couple of pounds.

Oh hey! And then it's time to catch up with O'Neal, of O'Neal and Sunshine fame! As you may recall, the two initially didn't "earn" a place on campus. But then they came back and won our hearts, until they got a little annoying. But mostly they stuck with the heart-winning. O'Neal started on The Biggest Loser at 389 pounds, and now weighs 225. He looks pretty great, and has apparently dumped all of his financial resources into someplace called Fitness North. Oh wow, that makes me really nervous. It's a fitness program in Minnesota featuring amazing hikes and amazing cardio workouts and a lot of similar things to the Biggest Loser ranch. Sunshine is on hand to yell at the campers, or whatever you call them, when she isn't in school. O'Neal says that he's taking what he learned on the show, and teaching it to others, who in turn teach it to other people. I think you're REALLY paying it forward when you maybe go bankrupt in service of helping others lose weight. Let's hope we don't next hear them in an NPR piece about the intersection of reality TV and the economic downturn.

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