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And then there's season six at-home winner Bernie! Yay! Bernie was a teacher, and everyone's favorite awesome fun guy. When he came to the ranch, he was 283 pounds. Now he weighs 160. He says that The Biggest Loser not only gave him his life back, but gave him a better life. He tells us that childhood obesity in the country is an epidemic that can be reversed, and he wants to be on the forefront. He wrote a book for kids that will get them up and active. He's about to test his book on a group of first graders. It's called Monstercise, and he gets the whole crowd of kids stomping their feet, and dancing, and jiggling and wiggling. Adorable! Bernie says that a lot of people out there feel lost, but the truth is that you can change. If he can change, he says, then anyone can. He looks fab, and is also a sharp dresser! Bernie and Mike are totally my dream Biggest Loser boyfriends.

We learn that many BL alumni got together this year to run the Detroit half-marathon. Pete, who we already caught up with, and season seven winner Helen, teamed up to put on a dinner for everyone. Helen looks pretty fab. Mike and Ron show up, and Helen says it's nice to have the support of their fellow Biggest Losers around, especially when you're running a marathon. Season six's Stacey is there, and she tells us that she started at 221 pounds and now weighs 156. Season seven's Carla shows up, weighing a slimmed-down 247 pounds and looking fierce. She was once the heaviest woman on the show at 379 pounds. Then there's Michelle's mom Renee, also looking lovely. Renee started at 267 and she currently weighs 175. And hey! It's Shellay and Amy from season six! We don't learn their weights, but they look great. And then there's season six Coleen, who also doesn't tell us her weight but looks lovely as ever. A lot of folks we've already caught up with are there, too. The chef greets the alumni and tells them they'll have a low-calorie dinner. Everyone seems very happy to catch up. And then Jillian shows up in her puffy coat! Helen's glad that she didn't catch them noshing on tiramisu. Pete picks Jillian up and spins her around. He says that he loves Jillian to death, and that it was her guidance that enabled him to keep the weight off. Jillian toasts to all the crazy people running the marathon. She says that the alumni network that they've created enables them not only to support each other, but inspire a lot of people out there. She couldn't be more proud to call them her partners in crime.

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