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The Losers hit the starting line for the half-marathon, and Pete is stoked. They are a rowdy bunch, for sure. They're all so happy when they finish, and there's lots of joy and hugging. Coleen says this is the furthest she's run in her life. She looks like she's maybe put a few pounds back on, but she's run 13.1 miles, which is more than I can say. This is Carla's first race, and she feels like a million bucks. Good times!

And hey! We catch up by video with season six's Phil and Amy. Amy started on campus at 229 pounds, and Phil started at 331. Currently, Amy weighs about 137 and Phil weighs 195 pounds. They look great. Phil says that they've stayed active, and work out together every day. Amy is thankful that their kids have responded to the changes that they've made. Hooray.

And now it's the moment you've all been waiting for. Bob and Jillian can't help but get emotionally invested in the folks they train, and today Bob has the difficult yet fun-to-watch task of confronting one of his former favorites who has put all his weight back on. Captions tell us that Bob has trained hundreds of BL contestants and has had countless success stories, but this winner gained it all back. It is season three winner Erik. I think he was on Oprah, too, eating some Kentucky fried crow. Erik went from 407 to 193 pounds on the show. He has gained back 175 pounds. Bob asks him what's been going on. Erik says he's used to making Bob proud, and so feels a bit nervous about this. But Bob says he understands how hard it is to keep off the weight. It's a struggle, he says, and he wanted to come and tell Erik that it's going to be okay.

Bob asks Erik what prevented him from doing something about it. Well, first off, $250,000 buys a lot of chalupas. Second, Erik says he got very low, and knew exactly how hard it was going to be to take off the weight again. He kept thinking that he'd start tomorrow, but then tomorrow started with another donut. Bad news. Erik says that now he has to go back to the strict life and lose weight. Bob tells him no. He can't go back to the strict life, but rather needs to figure out the balance that's needed today that will enable him to be healthy for the rest of his life. He can't do the extreme. Erik has to find what's going to work for him in day-to-day life. He knows how to put on weight and take it off, but doesn't know how to live an everyday life. Erik tells us that this is affecting others in his family and is -- no pun intended -- the elephant in the room. Erik's wife says that Erik will bring home bad food for his whole family. She adds that food is a drug, and if he was drinking she'd say he was an alcoholic. Bob tells us that Erik has to clean up his surroundings, and can't bring home "treats" for the family that will ultimately sabotage him.

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