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Erik has been working at a boxing gym, and takes Bob there. Erik really likes the aspect of the gym where he gets to hit things. Bob seems to approve. Erik thinks about his journey on the show, and notes that his story is different. He gained the weight back, but he says that his story isn't going to end with that failure. He's going to lose the weight again, and then maintain it. Bob has a proposition for Erik. Bob invites him to come back for the season nine finale and weigh-in there. Erik thinks about it for a minute, then agrees. He says he was waiting for something like this.

We then catch up via home video with season four's David. He started at 368 and now weighs 224. He's helped train five people who have crossed 100 pounds lost.

And then we catch up with season four's Neil. He started at 421, and lost 211 pounds total by the finale. He also was infamous for that 20-pound water gain. Neil was very huge, and couldn't even fit into a seat at Fenway Park two years ago. He felt like he had to take care of himself before he married his girlfriend. Today, Neil weighs 228. He did a good job of keeping all that weight off. We flash back to Bob screaming at Neil in the gym. Neil says that he really went on the show for his girlfriend, Stephanie. They've been together for a long time, and Stephanie stayed with Neil through good and bad times. But with all his health problems, it was hard to take the next step with her. But now they're getting married! Neil looks great in his suit, and Stephanie is beautiful. The priest at their wedding says that the two of them are good for each other, and while in one way the two of them have grown, thanks to Stephanie Neil has shrunk. Neil says he's a much stronger person than he ever was before. And Bob's at his wedding! So are several former contestants. Bob says that seeing Neil on the dance floor reminded him of just how much The Biggest Loser changes people's lives. Neil says that the show takes everyday people out of their everyday routines, and shows that they can accomplish some amazing things. Over 18,200 pounds have been lost on the Biggest Loser scale. But the show's real goal is to inspire us. So get off the couch! I would, but now I have to edit this recap.

Next week: Final four! Our vote will determine who makes the cut for the finale. And the show starts at 9:00 p.m.

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