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Season six's Jerry was Dr. H.'s biggest surprise of all time. Dr. H. totally thought Jerry was going to kick the bucket before season's end. He was not the only one. That guy was the color of dirty paste. He did not look good, and was one of the sickest people ever on the show. Then Jerry caught fire, and worked it out. Dr. H. tells us that Jerry was basically pulled from the grave. We catch up with Jerry today as he goes back to see Dr. H. He looks comparatively quite fab. Jerry says that he was 380 pounds when he started the show, and today he's 262 pounds. Jerry feels great to show off his newer, healthier self. He tells Dr. H. that it was a rude awakening for him to learn that, at 51 years old, his biological age was actually 76. Seeing his daughter cry also contributed to said awakening. We flash back to Jillian screaming at Coleen that every time she wants to quit she should look at her father about to drop dead on the treadmill. Man, that was cold. Jerry woke up, and says that he climbed the mountain. Dr. H. says that exercise-centric weight loss is really a magic bullet, but even he is astounded at the total eradication of disease symptoms. Go, Jerry!

We then catch up with Season 5's Mallory via home video. She started her season at 217 pounds. Now she's a trainer at her gym and looks fab. She tells us that The Biggest Loser works, and she's forever grateful. For many things, I assume, but one is for wearing a mini-skirt half the size of what she wore before.

In case you haven't been paying attention, pink Ali who won season six is totally shilling like mad for this show. Mmm, delicious Biggest Loser designer whey.

We then catch up with Pete Thomas from season two, who has made inspiring others his lifelong mission. When Pete first stepped on campus four years ago he weighed 401 pounds and appeared quite surly about it. Now Pete weighs 238, and feels sexy, strong and great as he maintains his weight. He looks really fab, and says that he now looks on the outside like he's always felt on the inside. Pete believes that he's been given a unique gift in getting his health and life back, and wants to give back. He developed a 10-week series of classes called "Lose it fast, lose it forever" that he teaches locally. I do think that becoming a trainer is a pretty great way to maintain your weight loss. Pete loves to see people push themselves, and says that he feels pride to share this with others. Pete's misery was his weight, and the best he can do is use his life as an example to help others lose weight. He's gone through a life-transforming event thanks to the show, and also wears much smaller pants than he used to.

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