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We then flash back to season one contestant Drea. Five years ago, when she came on campus, she weighed 215 pounds. She remembers vividly the craziness of her first day, and the realization that she was going to put all 215 pounds of her business out there on national TV. Since The Biggest Loser, her life has been phenomenal. She can do so much more, and is also the director of HealthWorks Fitness Center for Women and Children, a non-profit organization that works with inner city women who might not otherwise be able to afford a gym membership. That is for real paying it forward. Good for her. Chef Curtis Stone visits Drea and her clients to help teach them a healthy recipe. He's making them healthy fennel and clam soup, minus the cream and fat. You can find the recipe on the web site. Mmm, clams. Drea agrees that the soup is delicious, and calls it healthy comfort food. She says that she's aware that she can do anything she sets her heart to. She's going to keep going until she conquers everything there is for her to conquer.

We then get another video -- it's season five's Mark! When he started the show, he weighed 285 pounds. He lost 129 pounds, but gained a little back and currently weighs 185 pounds. That seems healthy. Sometimes contestants get so emaciated for the finale, and combined with excessive amounts of makeup they end up looking kind of terrifying. Then there's Mark's brother Jay. He started at 293 pounds, and today he weighs 207 pounds. The brothers ran a road race when they got home, along with some of the other Losers. They appreciate the opportunity that the show gave them. We are not reminded that The Biggest Loser also taught Mark to cry, for which he should be grateful.

Our narrator tells us that The Biggest Loser has had more marriages than any other show in reality TV history, and that includes Rock of Love. It started with the first BL couple, season two's Matt and Suzy. I didn't watch this season, but wasn't there some sort of scandal about this, like he was already married when he came on the show? But whatever, it's the skinnified romance of a lifetime. Matt won the season, and Suzy got third place. They currently weigh 237 and 175 pounds respectively, and have two kids. Matt is a pretty hefty 237, it seems. He started at 339 pounds, and she started at 227. Suzy explains that they did not have good first impressions of each other. Matt saw Suzy and wondered how a big girl could be so happy. Could he also not understand how she had such a pretty face? Jeez, pay attention to stereotypes once in a while. He found her annoying. Suzy thought that Matt was mean, with a big chip on his shoulder. He also looked like a particularly surly caveman. Suzy mostly didn't like that Matt didn't like her.

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