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Matt started to see Suzy differently during the episode where she cut his hair. He learned the lesson that every woman knows, which is that a good haircut can be symbolic of real change. And once Matt got rid of all the hair, Suzy figured out that he was kinda hot. Six months after that, the two did an exercise segment on The Today Show, and Matt proposed. They had a dream wedding, happy happy blah blah blah. Matt acknowledges that the two have put some weight back on, and says that you know if you've struggled with weight in your life that you have to keep working on it. Matt rambles on about having a legacy for his kids that involves them not having hereditary excuses for obesity, and making their wives as happy as their mom is. In any case, they wuv each other, even though Matt totally has a big sweat stain on the front of his shirt. Someone on set couldn't have dried him off a bit?

And then there was season seven's Nicole and Damien, who were already engaged and wanted to get healthy so their upcoming wedding would be picture perfect. She weighed 269 pounds and he weighed 381. They now weigh 155 and 253 pounds respectively. She particularly looks fabulous. Damien says it was a great thing to watch Nicole start to feel as beautiful as she is. They've been home for about four and a half months, and got married during that time. Nicole says that it was a success in a way that it would not have been at their former size, and she was particularly thrilled about being able to fit into the sample size of her wedding gown at the store. Damien also looked pretty fly in the tuxedo, and says the suit is still on fire because of how he was smoking. He says that Nicole went from "damn!" to "whoo!" When did he become Billy Dee Williams? He's happy to say that she's his wife. Nicole is also a group fitness instructor, at 24 Hour Fitness. It's a way to help her keep the weight off, and she's helping others. Damien is an instructor, too! He's going to be running his first half-marathon, along with Nicole. She says that she wanted to get fit so she could have healthy pregnancies and be a healthy mom, and Damien wanted to be a fit and happy dad. They're not pregnant now, though. But soon. They talk about how proud they are of each other. Nicole cries and says that now she just has to learn how to cook.

We then catch up via home video with season four's Nicole. She started on the show at 279 and lost 105 pounds. She says that she's kept all the weight off. It should be mentioned that Nicole is going maniacally at a stationary bike as she talks to us. Nicole's key to success is good music, a hard workout, and hot trainers. Nicole is apparently some sort of DJ at a local radio station, and has replaced all of the flub she lost with super-sized sass. She used to be so mousy!

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