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And now it's time to feature yet more people who were near death! Remember season seven Jerry, who was there with his wife Estella? Every old, almost-dead guy contractually must be named Jerry. This guy's real name is Norbert. Jerry got delirious and totally looked like he was going to croak during his first week. He passed out, and Estella realized the true importance of them getting healthy. We catch up with Jerry now, and he is kind of freakishly fit. Jerry was a couch potato for 30 years, but the show triggered something in him. He started on the ranch at 369 pounds, and today he's 193. That's crazy. Jerry says he's 64, and acknowledges the challenge of becoming healthy at such an age. He'll try almost anything now, and even though he might have to start slow, he can master anything. He says that if you keep moving and eat healthy, life gets better. Spread the word! Jerry says that it's never too late to get healthy. He shows a crowd to whom he's giving a speech his former, giant pants. Being alive is a good feeling. Just like Mr. Rogers says!

Oooh! And then it's time to catch up with season seven father-son team Ron and Mike! If you recall, Mike's brother Max was also very heavy, so we're going to get an update on him, too. Ron was 430 pounds when he stepped on campus, and today he weighs 251. That's pretty great. Ron says he was always fat, and doesn't want his kids to go through what he's gone through his whole life. Mike started at 388 pounds, and is now 230. If I recall, he got sort of crazy skinny for the finale, so it might be good that he put a couple of pounds back on. Mike says that life after the show has been amazing, because he can live his life for the first time and do anything he wants to do. Mike is in college at Michigan State, and is having a great time. He says that everyone's afraid of the freshman fifteen, and he has no doubt that if he'd gone to college before The Biggest Loser, he'd have gained the freshman fifty. Now, he's determined to gain only fifteen pounds... of muscle. We see Mike pumping iron in the gym.

Ron says it's important to him to make sure that his kids live a healthier lifestyle. We cut to Mike's brother Max bawling at last season's makeover episode and being generally sort of tormented. We then catch up with Max, who weighed 405 pounds at last season's finale. Now he weighs 300 pounds! Go Max! He went to Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa over the summer, which is a Biggest Loser affiliated thing. He was there by himself, and this helped him to get handle on his weight. Max tells us that it was hard to live on his own, because he was only 17, but it was worth it. Max was inspired by Ron and Mike, but also knew that he needed to do something now, before it got too late. And while his skin still has some elasticity!

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