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And then there's Matt, who's married to Suzy, and who we've already seen. He's a former wrestler and wanted to compete in the Kona Iron Man, which is the toughest triathlon in the world. He reminds us of the iron man specs, and I need another nap. Matt says he was intimidated, because there were a ton of very thin, fit people in the race. But this is part of the reason he did it -- to show that chubby guys can do it, too and inspire some folks to get off of the couch. Suzy is excited to see how Matt's hard work and training has paid off, which makes her cry. Matt cries, too, as he prepares to swim. And then the cannon goes off, and he gets kicked right in the face. But jaw pain gave way to excitement, and he started to enjoy himself. Matt felt good after the swim, and then started his bike ride in 105 degree weather. With about 30 miles left on the bike, he threw up. But then he remembered all the times that Jillian made him puke, and pushed through. He gets a boost of support from his cheering family, and finishes the bike leg.

During the third, running leg, Matt started to hurt pretty bad. He walks for a while, and the race's sweeper threatens to take him (and all others who won't be able to finish under seventeen hours) off the course. But then around mile 21 or 22 he felt better and picked it up and was on pace to finish. And then his body shut down again. And then his friends rallied around him and started to run with him. He needed to run a six minute mile to finish, and somehow managed to take off. And he does it! Kind of. He misses the cutoff by three minutes. Well, boo. But the race changed him -- he says it's not about how much you weigh or what you've done in your past, it's about what you're doing now. Our bodies are amazing, and will withstand a lot of torture. And props to him, because I would have passed out during the first .2 miles of the swim.

Next, we catch up with season four's Julie. Three years ago, she weighed in at 218. She was very short, too. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, which makes it difficult to have children. The best treatment for this is to lose weight. Today, Julie fluctuates between 128 - 135. She learned she was stronger than she ever thought she could be, and worthy to live the life that she dreamed of. Dr. H. told Julie that to maintain her weight when she left campus she'd have to work out between 60-90 minutes five to six days a week. He was right. Julie says that nobody can beat her up better than Jillian, so she has a treadmill with Jillian's voice! Jillian packs a healthy, fun lunch for her older child. She was ready to have another baby after the BL finale, and her husband told her he felt they should adopt. Only weeks after the finale, they got a baby named Jackson. She's very happy to have the life she's always dreamed of.

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