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And then it's time to catch up with Crazy Vicky from season six! Yes! She was the master of gameplay, if you recall. We flash back to an interview where she talks about how determined she is, and how she will wipe out anyone who gets in the way of that determination. Vicky started the show at 246 pounds and now weighs 150. She looks pretty great as she trucks along on her stationary bike. She says that if she could send a message to those competing right now, it would be, "Keep your mouth shut." We cut back to Vicky calling someone a stupid backstabbing bitch. She really was pretty awesome. We then flash back to Ed calling Vicky crazy, and saying she'll claw your eyes out. In retrospect she seems even more nuts, which is amazing. She says she's the most hated woman in America, but doesn't blame anyone because she probably would have felt the same way about herself as a viewer. She says she looks like she does because she's proud of herself and has made positive changes. Vicky and her husband Brady take the time to cook good healthy meals, and eschew donuts at Mr. Ronny's. Mr. Ronny actually refuses her service if she tries!

Now it's time to check in with the Tongans! Cousins Filipe and Sione are determined to change not only themselves, but the entire Tongan community. Filipe was 365 pounds when he showed up to the ranch, and now he's 242 pounds. Sione weighed 372 pounds, and now he's about 239. They both look good. Filipe explains that he and Sione have a weekly exercise class for the Tongan community near them in Arizona. He says that in their culture, everyone dies young because being heavy is not only the norm, but is celebrated. He doesn't expect to change the culture, but is hoping to inspire some of his peers. The cousins also host a luau incorporating a lot of healthy substitutions. Healthy foods have been available at luaus before, Sione says, but salads are usually decorations. Now they're eating it, and incorporating a lot more fruit. Sione says that they can't change the tradition, but can help the tradition get better. He and Filipe want to teach their kids to eat healthy also.

And then there's season five mother and son duo Dan and Jackie, who are taking on the country music world together. I in fact saw Dan as part of some parade of country music stars in Nashville. He was one of the bigger names, along with the Oak Ridge Boys. It was kind of a lame parade. Dan started his season at 310 pounds, and lost 136 pounds while on the ranch. He currently weighs 194, but still has a bit of heft to him. Jackie started at 246 pounds, lost 89 pounds on the ranch, and currently weighs between 160 - 165. She and Dan run on the treadmill side by side. Jackie says that she always felt guilty about Dan's weight, because she was the mom serving up fast food for dinner. Suddenly, he was 310 pounds with very low self-esteem. It was heartbreaking to her. Jackie gets emotional talking about how Dan blossomed and grew on the ranch. Dan says he learned that nothing could hold him back. He always thought his weight would hold him back from his dream, but now he's conquered that and is ready to conquer whatever else is in his way. Before The Biggest Loser, Dan wanted to be a professional musician but was too scared to put his big ole' self on stage. He thought the audience would judge him as an overweight guy with a good voice. He spent a lot of years not allowing himself to live the life he always wanted to. We see Dan playing on stage, quite vigorously. I mean, he's no Johnny Cash. But he's fine. He's happy to be living his dream, rather than thinking about it on the couch with a bag of pork rinds in hand. Jackie is so proud of him, and says her life has clearly changed as well. Dan has a big tour bus with The Biggest Loser logo on it. That's kind of weird.

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