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And hey! It's season six winner Michelle on home video. She looks great, and says that she's been doing a ton since her season ended. She got a bill passed to redefine physical education in the state of Texas. And still is a stone fox.

And then it's time for a spotlight on winners! After five seasons, Ali became our very first female Biggest Loser. Ali started at 234 pounds when she came to the ranch, and her mom Bette-Sue weighed 261. It was a tough road, and Bette-Sue was always falling and crying. Today, they both look fab. Ali currently weighs 125 pounds, and Bette-Sue weighs 160. In case we have any question, Bette-Sue reminds us that this fact is pretty fabulous. She still has her crazy glasses and spiky hair, and at a thinner weight is even more convincing as a kooky old broad. Before BL, Ali was depressed and avoiding social activities. She felt like she was in a black hole, and didn't know how to get out. When she saw season three winner Eric, she knew this was the hope she was looking for. Ali says she has her mother to thank for her experience on The Biggest Loser. Bette-Sue went so that Ali would be able to go. Bette-Sue tells us that the ranch was seriously hard and she wanted to quit. But she figured out that she wasn't going to die because she exerted herself, and that was key. Ali says that, as the first female Biggest Loser in the world, she gets a ton of emails. She wrote a book about her experience and her life now. The Biggest Loser gave her the experience of going at something 100%, which was the gift of a lifetime.

The only set of twins to compete on The Biggest Loser dominated the competition, winning both the grand prize and the at-home prize. Yes, it's season four winner Bill and his twin Jim. Bill got off of all of his medications by going on the show. He weighed 334 pounds when he went on campus and now weighs 209. Jim started at 361 pounds and now weighs about 223. Bill and Jim were part of the legendary original Black Team of misfits who were not chosen to be on either the Blue or Red Teams. They sure showed everyone. Bill and Jim have become certified spinning instructors, even starting a "Twin Spin" class. Jim says he's been a more effective police officer since coming back from the show. He can actually run after crooks! Bill is a professional motivational speaker, talking about health and wellness. He's looking forward to walking his daughters down the aisle, and spoiling his grandkids.

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