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It's the day before thanksgiving, and The Biggest Loser wants us to know that hundreds of lives have been changed, more than 18,200 pounds have been lost, and thousands have been inspired over the past five years. Enjoy that stuffing, suckers! Two-hundred and six morbidly obese Americans have made the commitment to change their lives and appeared on the show. Step by step, mile after mile, and pound by agonizing pound (not to mention agonizing two-hour episode by agonizing two-hour episode), they have not only changed themselves, but have inspired us. And made us feel guilty as we munched on Oreos and ice cream while watching them. The Biggest Loser isn't always about what you lose, the narrator tells us. It's about what you gain. We see footage of lots of people in pain throughout the season, and then in fits of 'roid rage and hunger delirium at the finale. There is lots of hugging, too. Tonight, the show is going to travel the country and visit more than 40 contestants to see what's happened to our favorite players, and our not-so-favorite players. Lady Macbeth Vicky! We'll see the youngest, oldest, heaviest, and sickest contestants ever (minus the supremely sick and unhealthy contestants of this season, of course). They'll give us gossip, health tips, and we'll get the bonus of Bob confronting someone who has re-fattened himself. Good times!

Jillian and Bob greet us, and tell us that when they started The Biggest Loser eight seasons ago, they didn't know it would become such a phenomenon. Well, apparently Bob knew, through some sort of yogi psychic powers. Jillian did not know. The show has not only changed lives, but saved lives. And tonight we'll learn who of the former contestants are doing well, who's struggling, and who's taking the lessons they learned on campus and paying it forward.

we begin the special with Dr. Huizenga, who tells us that no one had ever taken big fat couch potatoes with double sour cream and bacon bits and transformed them through old-fashioned exercise and healthy eats. It was a bit of an experiment, and everyone involved was pretty nervous during the first season. Dr. H. says that in our obeso-genic world, with fast food on every corner, it's hard to resist fattening temptations. This is sort of grim news, but not as grim as usual with Dr. H., when he tells everyone that they're on death's door. America is in complete denial, Dr. H. says, and the contestants are a prime example of that. Because, they're all on death's door and won't admit it. Oh, I should have known he'd get us with the Grim Reaper stuff eventually. Having the contestants take off their shirts and forcing them to look at themselves (not to mention having America look at them) broke a little bit of that denial. It also made it okay for obese people to start working out. The Biggest Loser has tackled some of the stigma around obesity, and made it possible for people to actually leave their houses and burn some calories in the world.

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