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Ressler Leg Syndrome

While everyone is shooting at everyone else, Lizzie managed to get herself out of the elevator. So… yeah?

In the armory, Deputy Director Cooper is busy dispatching the twitchy IT guy to the generator room so he can restore some of the BlackOps Center’s communications. ("You! Computer nerd! Move yourself out of the room where we have all the weaponry.") Meanwhile, Keen is slowly transforming from a wide-eyed profiler into a moderately feminine version of Die Hard’s John McClane, right down to running shoeless through a terrorist-controlled facility. Even her wig looks ready for action.

But the focus of this episode is going to be Reddington and Ressler and, more specifically, Ressler’s leg wound. Seriously, Parminder Nagra hasn’t gotten as much screen time all season as Ressler’s gaping, seeping wound will in the next half-hour -- especially as Reddington is performing a makeshift operation to stabilize the wound and staunch the bleeding. On the whole, I think we’d all rather be back in that beer hall in Bavaria. Garrick points out, rather unhelpfully, that Ressler’s not looking too good. He adds, even more unhelpfully, that this all could have been avoided. It seems that before Reddington joined Team FBI on a consultancy basis, Garrick fed information to Ressler on Reddington’s comings and goings, with the idea that Ressler would put a bullet into Reddington. It will shock you to learn that Ressler bungled the operation. This is all incredibly awkward, particularly for the guy with the seeping bullet wound. Reddington responds by making fun of Garrick’s face because he, like me, is a dick.

All this taunting has put Garrick in a foul temper, and he respond by trying to shoot Reddington through the bulletproof glass. All that does is create a ricochet that strikes a nearby henchman who yelps, collapses and dies off screen in what may be the funniest moment in Blacklist history. The point here is that Garrick is not much of a thinker and acts more on impulse, with that impulse being "Let’s see if shooting that problem solves anything" He must be terrible at home improvement.

So the good news about holing up in the FBI armory is that you’ve got a lot of weapons at your disposal. The bad news? Right now, Cooper and Malik need them because they are being badly outgunned by Garrick’s seemingly limitless team of henchmen. Good God, this segment of the FBI could fuck up a cup of coffee. At least, twitchy IT guy managed to make it to the generator room without, you know, inadvertently allowing Al-Qaeda to surreptitiously elect a ruling majority to Congress.

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