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Ressler Leg Syndrome

Two henchmen are searching for any spare C4 on the premises, which just provides another opportunity for Keen to drive up her body count. One bad guy is eighty-sixed, the other knocked out. Oh, and Keen and twitchy IT guy finally rendezvous, forming the crime-stopping team we’ve all been dreaming about in my fan fiction. Er… your fan fiction. I definitely meant your. Anyhow, Ol’ Twitchy brings Keen up to speed on the situation vis-à-vis Ressler’s leg wound and the inability to call out to the outside world. (Has anyone tried dialing 9 first? That usually works in our office.) Keen says that the two of them are going to have to sneak around the building knocking out all the cellular jammers Garrick’s team has set up. The twitchy IT guy is all, "Who, me?" to which Keen responds, "No, the other twitchy IT guy." As they leave, firearms in hand, twitchy IT guy points out that he’s only ever shot at paper targets. "So pretend they’re paper," Keen fires back. Also, see a psychiatrist about your deep-seated violent tendencies toward paper.

Ressler has apparently reached the self-pitying part of the five stages of massive leg trauma, complaining that Reddington doesn’t think very much of him, but dammit, he’s a good FBI agent -- apparently that part largely happens away from the cameras -- and his relentless pursuit of Reddington cost him his fiancée. Also, your leg, because that’s not looking like it’s going to be very functional for some time at this point. But at this point, Ressler has moved on to more pointed questions, like what’s the deal with that whole blacklist of Reddington’s? Is it revenge? "Revenge is too easy," Reddington says, adding, "And over so quickly. I would hope for more than that." Before we can dwell too much on what that might be, Ressler wonders if they’re going to make it out of the SpaderCage alive. Reddington allows that they probably will, painting a word picture of all the things he still wants to do, the place he wants to go, the pleasures he wants to experience. "I want to sleep like I slept when I was a boy," Reddington says, in the most affecting part of his speech. "Just give me that." So, that’s why Reddington isn’t about to let Garrick close out his account.

Garrick may have other ideas, though, as he’s summoned Deputy Director Cooper at gunpoint to divulge the security code for the SpaderCage. That shows the same kind of problem-solving skill that makes a man thinking, "Firing a gun into bulletproof glass? Capital idea!" Garrick decides that the best way to get what he wants is to threaten to shoot Cooper in the head. Yes, maybe that will cause the secret combination to spill out onto the floor, like some sort of Russian Nesting Doll. Reddington quite correctly points out the dumbness of Garrick’s thought process. Well, at least he has his looks.

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The Blacklist




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