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Ressler Leg Syndrome

For all his smart talk at Garrick, though, Reddington still faces a significant problem: Ressler is continuing die. The diagnosis is that the blast to his leg probably took out a good chunk of his femoral artery, which is going to require some makeshift surgery on Ressler’s leg. It’s exactly like the game Operation, only it involves a giant knife, buckets of bloods, a small explosive to cauterize the wound, and Ressler’s muffled screams. You know, appointment viewing.

While Ressler is amassing quite an unusual workman’s comp claim, Keen and our old pal Twitchy are enjoying a modest level of success disabling the jamming devices strewn around FBI headquarters. Keen figures things will go faster if the two of them split up. It will also leave them even more badly outnumbered and vulnerable to capture, for whatever that’s worth. Which is exactly what happens before the episode’s end.

Reddington has finished sealing up Ressler’s gunshot wound. The operation is a rip-roaring success in that Ressler has merely passed out from the pain instead of dying from the blood loss. But now there’s another item of immediate concern: Garrick has dragged out Luli and announces plans to ventilate her skull unless that SpaderCage gets opened up in 10 seconds. At the risk of ruining the tension, Garrick does not get his security code, and Luli does not get to keep all of her brain matter. Farewell, Luli, we’ll never forget that time you brokered that real estate purchase or when you did… other things. Honestly, nothing’s coming to me at the moment.

There's no time to mourn Ol’ Whatshername because now it’s Dembe’s turn to be used as human bait. Since it’s quite apparent that Cooper will be no help at all in opening the box, Reddington starts trying to revive the passed out Ressler in the hopes that maybe he’ll be able to blurt out the security code in between cries of agony. Dembe tells him to stop, though. He’s quite prepared to die, and he and Reddington have quite a touching moment of farewell that’s cheapened somewhat by the screen fading to black, a gunshot ringing out, and the dawning realization that we’re going to have to wait a week to see how this resolves itself. Chances that Dembe was not actually shot in that scene? Well, better than Luli’s, almost certainly.

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