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Who's Your Daddy?

As for Bradley Holland, he just went through security at Reagan National, where he’s trying to dead-head his way onto a flight to Denver, with his trusty bomb serving as his carry-on item. He has to deal with two spots of unpleasantness. First, there’s a hedge fund manager reading a news story on the earlier cargo plane explosion and denouncing the General Ludd group as “out-of-work, sexually frustrated, live-at-home losers." ("I AM NOT SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED!" Bradley Holland refrains from screaming). Second, the FBI is wise to his scheme and is putting a clampdown on traffic in and out of Reagan National. So, Holland leaves his luggage with an overly helpful gate attendant -- she offers to stow it on the plane for him -- and politely excuses himself to live another day.

Lizzie and company arrive at the airport, but not before Lizzie has a poorly timed phone conversation with her husband en route in which she learns that her father may be sicker than he’s letting on. At any rate, Tom’s hopping a flight to Nebraska, and try not to think about your father dying of cancer as you attempt to apprehend the dangerous terrorist, OKthanksloveyoubyebye! Lizzie and Ressler pull up next to the plane, just in time for it to explode in a spectacularly fake bit of CGI behind them. Lizzie needs to spend less time on tarmacs, it rarely ends well for her.

Meanwhile in Nebraska, Lizzie’s sickly daddy is just coming to after surgery to find Reddington sitting bedside. That’s enough to make a fellow code-blue. "Hello, Sam," Reddington says. "It’s been far too long." So these two know each other, then.

Don’t expect Lizzie to be joining this reunion anytime soon. Even if Deputy Director Cooper were inclined to give her time off (and who can spare the manpower when he apparently only has like a half-dozen agents at his disposal?) the FAA is grounding flights, what on account of General Ludd’s latest manifesto promising that planes will fall from the sky. At least the FBI was able to track down a storage facility in Brooklyn that Bradley Holland paid for with a credit card. (Wouldn’t a Luddite use cash?). "Let’s roll," Ressler says. Too bad you can’t fly up there.

Reddington and Sam are chuckling over old times back in the latter’s hospital room, so apparently this reunion isn’t too ominous. And Reddington gets misty-eyed a little bit when telling Sam about Lizzie: "There’s a fire inside she got from you. She’s volatile. Unpredictable. Soft and hard and… soft again. Stronger than she knows. You gave her an incredible gift, Sam. Taking her in and loving her as your own." Oh, so Lizzie’s adopted, then? Well, that’s a talking point, huh? It’s also more obvious fuel for the Reddington Is Actually Keen’s Father fire, which makes me less inclined than ever to believe that. (Not that you asked me, but my money’s on Reddington removing Lizzie from her biological father -- most likely by icing him, whether accidentally or otherwise -- and putting her in Sam’s care. File that under the Department of Wrong in Public).

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