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Who's Your Daddy?

"Looking into the matter" apparently means flying to the exact airstrip where Wolf was planning on making his getaway and confronting him before he can get on his chartered flight out of the country. Reddington has deduced that Wolf actually did swipe that hard drive with the $100 bill data on it; what the FBI found in the safe was a cleverly disguised fake Wolf had left in its place. The plan apparently was for the U.S. Mint to print counterfeit currency, bankrupting the country. "And you’re going to stop me?" Wolf asks dubiously. "Turn me in," Reddington laughs. "I’m going to rob you," he corrects him. And so he does, walking off with the hard drive and the $100 bill blueprint and leaving Wolf with the pleasant experience of pulling off 99 % of his caper. Foiled by that dastardly 1% one last time!

With the bad guy subsequently apprehended, Keen prepares to dash off to be with her father, but just then, she gets the call that he didn’t make it. And with that, it’s off to a montage of the funeral, bookended by Reddington getting his wish—he gets a few minutes alone with the ViCAP system. He punches in some numbers (eagle-eyed viewers will recognize it as the envelope Reddington received from Wujing a few episodes back for services rendered) and the results turn up someone by the name of Lucy Brooks. Guess we’ll be finding out the details of her relationship to Reddington once the particulars of Keen’s paternal backstory get sorted. The episode ends with Reddington and members of his criminal enterprise using their newly acquired $100 bill blueprint to aid their counterfeiting operation -- Keen is surprisingly blasé about this -- and Reddington offering his condolences for the loss of her father. "The best way to keep his memory alive is to talk about him," he says. "Tell me some stories." Which she proceeds to do, as the episodes fades to black. Presumably, none of the stories involve that time he got smothered with a pillow in his hospital room.

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