The Blacklist
The Good Samaritan Killer

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Now That My Role Model Is Gone


Fowler: "Malik, you've been cleared."
Meera: "That took forever!"
Fowler: "It took a couple of hours. Listen, figure out who was paying for Garrick's actual ninja team."
Meera: "What a good idea I should have already been doing."

Cooper: "Oh hey, Red called Liz."
Meera: "What did he have to say?"
Cooper: "Something about collarbones. I don't know if they chatted about anything else, like where he is or who the Mole is."
Meera: "Uh, great. Make sure you tell me if anything else totally irrelevant happens, okay?"


Red kills probably like a hundred guys in this restaurant, and then covers a man named Fyodor in vodka and then smokes a cigar and laughs at him for a while, with occasional stabbing. Fyodor is scared, but not scared like he knows he's going to die at the end of this. So right away you are not feeling Fyodor, because just based on his pissing and moaning through the easy part of this conversation, you can tell Red has no reason to respect him enough to kill him in a non-psycho way. Pull it together, Fyodor! But the intransigent Fyodor will not.

Red: "How I know it is you that middle-manned the money is, you are a strip club owner. Your telltale is that you pay for majorly bad things using fives and tens because you are too thrifty to pay somebody to launder your cash. Which is tacky on a level I can barely comprehend because I am an international man of deluxe tastes."
Fyodor: "Please don't ask me who the banker was for this operation! It will put me in a very tricky place as far as my professional reputation!"
Red: "Okay but... Hang on, I have to light this cigar for no particular reason. You know, the first time I ever smoked a cigar was with Marnie Petersen, in fifth grade. Funny little bat-faced girl, like you meet in a Paul Simon song. I just adored her."
Fyodor: "Where is she now? Does she still like cigars?"
Red: "I don't know, but you know who doesn't like cigars? You, in about one minute. Now listen, I know there are five bankers on the East Coast capable of financing a mission like mine, I run money through four of them."
Fyodor: "The money was wired from Gestalten Landesbank, New York office."
Red: "Was that so hard?"
Fyodor: "Yeah it really was because you are torturing me."

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The Blacklist




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