The Blacklist
The Good Samaritan Killer

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Now That My Role Model Is Gone

Red pretends they are done with the torturing and even stands up, then covers the man in even more vodka and puts the cigar in his mouth so when it ashes he will explode. We watch that happen for a while, and then because Red hates to be boring and watching somebody smoke a cigar is the most boring thing in the universe -- unless you have a thing about that I guess, which -- so after a while he just giggles, shrugs, and shoots homeboy in the head. RIP, Fyodor. Go ahead and try to make it rain, wherever you end up next.


Michael: "Just like that? Without prelude or pretext, you're gonna ask me..."
Liz: "Yeah but it's to stop a serial killer, so like, get to the point."
Mr. Karen: "It's okay, Michael. I'm going to make it all about me either way. Tell these nice people what you had to tell me today because I completely overlooked it until now."
Michael: "My mother was pretty hardcore abusive, which is why all of my bones have been broken and stuff."
Liz: "No offense, but this is great news."
Mr. Karen: "Why is this happening to me?"


Liz: "[Everything that has happened so far in this episode, again.]"
Ressler: "So the father isn't the killer? Like, for hurting their son?"
Liz: "No. That dude is clearly checked out of his domestic situation. Trust me, this is the profile, just like Red explicitly explained just from randomly remembering the case from his intensely detailed knowledge of my backstory and entire life."
Ressler: "Then let's run with it. I'll see if the other victims were abusers of people."


Karl: "Also, I keep my mom in my living room. She might be dead, she might just be super jacked-up and broken because of how nuts I am and probably weird stuff I do to her. Love you, bye."
Mom: "O_O"
Karl: "I know, I know. I have to go to work as a nurse so I can make assumptions about people's lives and then torture their abuser-slash-loved ones, almost to death, and then call 911."
Mom: "O_O"
Karl: "It's fine, we can discuss it later! But I will say, I think Mila and Ashton can really make this work."
Mom: "O_O"
Karl: "You're so bad!"
Mom: "O_O"


Karl: "Why are you so fucked up everywhere all over your body, Mrs. Wilkinson?"

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The Blacklist




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