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To Wujing, Thanks For Everything, James Spader

Fleeing the now-compromised radio station/spying control center ("WDCJ ends its broadcast day with a block of communist worker songs, dedicated to the proletariat down at the sandal factory!") Wujing graciously offers to help Reddington and Keen escape the country. "That’s very kind, but I’m sure we can muddle through on our own," Reddington says, dryly. At least help Keen’s wig escape to freedom, maybe start a new life as a beachcomber in Ecuador. Instead, Reddington and Keen take their leave of Wujing, with Reddington remarking that it’s a bit of a bummer that Wujing is going to get away. Ah, but he forgot about all that nicotine patch/tracking device Keen cleverly left in Wujing’s car. Soon, a whole fleet of black SUVs has Wujing surrounded, because the show is called The Blacklist, not The List of People We Allow to Escape in the Third Act.

Time for Keen to get her reward for participating in this not particularly pulse-pounding adventure: a little bit of straight talk from James Spader. He killed the flunky because he will always do what he thinks he has to in order to keep Keen alive. Well, that’s mighty thoughtful. So, why this streak of paternalism, hmm? "Because of your father," Reddington tells Keen. "Did you know my father?" Keen demands. "Have the two of you met somehow?" "I wish the answers were as simple as the questions," Reddington says. I can’t speak for the rest of the viewing audience, Spader, but so do I. So do I. "But the truth is, the questions aren’t simple either," Reddington concludes. So, more mumbo-jumbo on the agenda in coming weeks, then? Great.

Speaking of unsatisfying answers to questions, Keen’s gotten the ballistics report back on her husband’s gun. Much of that report has been crossed out with thick, black markers, however. Keen’s superiors at the FBI needn’t worry about such trivial matters as what’s classified and what isn’t, however. See, they’ve been following her every move, and they, too, have a copy of the ballistics report she asked for. Their copy has not been redacted, and judging by Deputy Director Cooper’s reaction, it’s quite the eye-opener, as in the director of Homeland Security had been briefed on the incident detailed in this report.

Back at Rancho de Keen, all their friends have gathered for a "Congratulations on Not Being Fatally Stabbed" party. Tom Keen wants to apologize for being all snippy that his wife has to be circumspect about the circumstances that got him carved up a while back. Keen, meanwhile, is going to stare off into the middle distance while people circulate around her. Megan Boone has never been more convincing on this show than when she’s in a catatonic state.

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The Blacklist




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