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Judith orders Grace to get dressed, because they're going to see Judith's mother. Apparently, Grace is Grandma's favorite, and Judith thinks Grace's presence will make her mother more kind or something. They walk into the kitchen, where Grace offers up Peter to go in her place. Peter points out what everyone in the family knows: that Grace is Grandma's favorite, as evidenced by the fact that Grace got a cashmere sweater for Christmas, and Peter got a corkscrew. I think I'd rather have a corkscrew. At least it doesn't have to be dry-cleaned. ["Cashmere's even more of a pain in the ass than that -- I learned from Jessica last year that you have to hand-wash it." -- Wing Chun] Adam walks in, and Grace tries to trick him into going, but Adam is just flying by on his way out the door. Judith encourages Grace to wear her cashmere sweater, and promises to wait out in the car.

Victoria and Jessie are both clad in the kind of bathrobes that people only wear on TV, like that kimono Teri Hatcher is always wearing on Desperate Housewives. What is up with that? What is the point? I don't wear a robe except while I'm drying my hair before I get dressed. I guess I just don't get the whole silk robe thing. Just throw on a sweatshirt with the neck cut out or an oversized hoodie like a normal person. Wow, who knew I had such strong feelings about robes? Anyway, Victoria and Jessie are going through the work materials Charlie brought home so that Jessie could pack them up and move them out. Victoria, the idiot, opens a nearby wall safe and takes out some jewelry to wear for the day. Jessie comes on to Victoria, who is very easily swayed, and also possibly mentally disabled, because hello! This is the woman who helped your husband steal the money! Even if she didn't murder him (which I'm still not convinced of), she did intend to run away with him.

Adam shows up over at Caroline's house. Caroline's mom, Nora, lets Adam in and gives him shit about how it's nice to see him using a door instead of a window. Adam, hostile right back, asks to see Caroline, and mentions that he's left a million messages. Caroline sort of wanders into the room and Adam grabs her and tries to have a rushed conversation about how they shouldn't listen to her parents. Caroline reveals that her mom saw them in the parking lot the other night, and that they shouldn't see each other for a while. Adam kisses her, and Caroline starts to back down. Roger shows up and tells Adam to get the hell out, and also reveals that Caroline is going away to private school. This is a surprise to both Adam and Caroline, and Caroline rushes out of the room. Adam tells Caroline's parents that they can't tell him what to do. Nora suggests that Adam try to find someone more suitable for him than Caroline. Adam doesn't even know how to respond to that, and tells them that this whole thing isn't over, before stomping out. Roger guesses that he shouldn't have dropped the bomb about private school. Nora tosses her drink in Roger's face and tells him that he talks too much. I kind of wish the whole show was about Roger and Nora. They're very dramatic in an awesome way.

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Book of Daniel




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