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Daniel and Roger play golf. Roger insists that the church can't go into business with Vaporelli Construction. Daniel thinks he has it under control. Roger says that he has familiarity with these mafia types, being in the real estate business himself, and says that they're businessmen at heart. Daniel thinks he could use Roger's expertise, and invites him to the meeting with the Vaporellis. Roger demurs, saying that he's booked, even though he doesn't know yet when the meeting is scheduled to take place. Roger's wife was right: he does talk too much. It would be kind of awesome if everyone always reacted to Roger by throwing a drink in his face.

Interestingly, Grace and Judith are just arriving at Grandma's house. In the time since they argued over this trip, Adam went next door, got in a fight with Caroline's parents, and then Roger got dressed and managed to get to the golf course as well as play a few holes with Daniel. That Grace must have taken a looooong time finding that cashmere sweater. As Grace and Judith wait for Grandma, Grace wanders around and inspects an urn, which Judith informs her contains the ashes of her great-grandfather. Judith fusses with her lipstick and tells Grace not to mention getting arrested. Grandma finally walks in and apologizes for keeping them waiting. She goes right to Grace and smothers her with compliments, and then reveals that she knows about Grace's arrest, but somehow manages to blame it all on Judith. Mother and daughter thrust and parry a few times, and then Grandma says that she knows Judith was trying to get a mortgage. Judith uses this as an opportunity to bring up how her mother never signed over the deed. Grandma feigns surprise, and then changes the subject back to Grace selling pot. Grace reveals that she wanted money for some software. Grandma decides to solve this by buying Grace two new dresses, since women shouldn't be messing around with those computers. Grace has the...well, grace, to thank her Grandma, and heads off to get some lunch.

Once Grace has gone, Grandma starts criticizing Judith's appearance. Man, she really does know how to push buttons. Judith brings the conversation back to the ownership of her home. Grandma says that she let them live in it, but didn't give them the house, because she didn't want them to sell it, since the house has been in their family for generations. Judith says that they weren't planning on selling it. Grandma thinks Judith can't be trusted with valuable things. She adds, "I'm going to own that house until the day I die, and after that, I just hope I'm someplace where I won't hear what you do with it." That said, Grandma walks away, leaving Judith to stew alone.

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Book of Daniel




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