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Daniel has just finished explaining the mixup in identity to the Vaporelli brothers, who luckily find it somewhat humorous. One brother asks if everything is still a go. Daniel says that he's already hired a contractor, and the Vaporellis think that Daniel should get rid of the contractor, or they will. Daniel proposes paying the Vaporellis a "finder's fee," and also promises them that they'll get the church's next big construction project. The Vaporellis aren't hearing that. Daniel tries to explain why he can't be in business with them, but the Vaporellis insist that they are a legit business. Daniel tells them that he has to report to the vestry. The Vaporellis, legitimate businessmen, say that they have to report to some people too, and that those people will probably be very upset if the deal falls through. Daniel gets the implied threat. The Vaporellis assure him that everything will be fine, and a few handshakes later, the Vaporellis are out. Daniel looks like he isn't sure what he just agreed to do, and reaches into his drawer for another pill. Jesus shows up, as is his wont, and Daniel says that taking pills is the least of his concerns right now.

Grace and Judith arrive home. So was Grace just sitting in the car the whole time her mother was ransacking Victoria's liquor cabinet? Also, Judith calls Rainy "Lorraine," so at least I know where that nickname came from. Judith immediately pours herself a very large drink. Rainy offers to fix her some food, and then asks Judith what's wrong. Judith explains how she doesn't own her home, and then goes into a rant about how her mother treats Judith like a child, and gives Victoria everything. Rainy points out that Victoria needs the help, and then adds that Rainy's worked for the family for fifty years and knows better than to take sides in an argument. Judith reminds Rainy how Grandma treated her. Rainy adds that she was "a scared, pregnant girl" and Grandma took her in and saved her, which doesn't excuse her later behavior, but it's still something. Judith pours her drink into the sink and thinks that over.

Daniel meets with Senior Warwick and his trophy wife. Senior is explaining how he knew his marriage might cause some problems, but that he didn't think his son would stop speaking to him.

Cut to Daniel meeting with Junior, who yells that he refuses to symbolically embrace his father's trophy wife. Daniel says that Senior is begging to sit down and work this out, but Junior isn't interested. Junior brings up his sizable donations to the church, and Daniel says that they're appreciated, but that they don't buy Junior the right to blackball someone from the church. Junior says that his family matters aren't Daniel's business, and stomps out, followed by his wife. Daniel kind of sits there, like, "I would give a lot of money to be uninvolved in your family, dude."

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Book of Daniel




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