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Peter tries to help Grace with her new software, which is apparently quite buggy. Grace is disgusted that it's taken her four hours to scan one of her drawings into the computer. Why not just get a tablet? I guess she can't afford it. Peter grabs her drawing from the scanner, but Grace doesn't want him to see it, even though he thinks it looks awesome. Peter asks if their mother has seen it, and checks it out again. It's a drawing of Judith and her mother fighting, with Grace in between them, trying to separate them. Peter and Grace discuss how their Grandma is horrible to their mother. Peter says that it's fairly common for animals to devour their young, like rats and mice. Grace asks if there are any species that torture their young, and Peter thinks a minute and then says, "WASPs." Grace laughs as Peter leaves. Grace gets another error on her computer, sighs, and then decides to call this Yoda character Wanda told her about.

Daniel and Bishop Burstyn discuss the Warwick situation. Daniel thinks there's something hinky about Junior. Apparently, Junior's mother is remarried and lives in Seattle, and had no insight into the matter. Bishop Burstyn reminds Daniel that Junior pledged a lot of money for the school, so he can't lose Junior as a parishioner. She advises him to resolve this. Well, that's helpful. She suggests referring the senior Warwicks to another church. Daniel wants to restore family harmony. Yeah, that's likely. Daniel tells Bishop Burstyn that she needs to back off and let him handle his own church. Bishop Burstyn says that he can do whatever he wants, as long as he ends up with her result. She leaves, and Jesus shows up and asks Daniel, "Aren't you going to take a pill? Somebody said something mean to you." Heh. I like minimal Jesus.

Grace walks up to a house and rings the doorbell. A younger kid answers and checks Grace out from head to toe. Grace says she's looking for Yoda, and it turns out that this kid is Yoda. I think it would have been more interesting to make Yoda a girl. And make her still hot for Grace. That would have brought in the viewers. Teen lesbians! HOT! Yoda keeps telling Grace how hot she is, and Grace says that she just wants help with the programs. They debate the terms, and Yoda says that he wants to see her boobs. Grace is outraged and starts to walk away. Yoda gets her to stop, and says that he'll settle for seeing one boob. Grace walks off again, but Yoda apologizes. Grace returns and tells Yoda that he will never see any part of her body, and that he needs to stop asking about it. Yoda agrees, and Grace walks inside.

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Book of Daniel




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