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Daniel and Judith crawl into bed. Daniel tells her about a brunch he agreed to, and Judith bursts out crying. Daniel comforts her and Judith doesn't want to explain, because she thinks it's too stupid and selfish. Daniel urges her to talk about it, and Judith admits that she went to see her mother, even though Daniel told her not to do it. Daniel reminds her that her mother loves to push people's buttons, especially Judith's. Judith is worried that she treats Grace the same way, and makes Daniel promise to shoot her if she ever does. Daniel points out that Judith wants her mother to change, and that she never will, so Judith needs to accept that. And then they start doing it.

Victoria walks into her house and finds her safe hanging wide open and all her jewelry gone. A note is written in lipstick on the mirror above the mantel: "I'll always love you! Jesse P.S. I'll be back. XX" Oh. I guess I've been spelling her name wrong all this time. Sorry about that. ["No, that's how you spell it if you're a dude. The WRITERS should be apologizing!" -- Wing Chun] Victoria spits, "That bitch!" Then her face crumples in tears. Really? She's surprised? I hope they start writing Victoria to be more interesting, because so far she's boring and quite stupid, and not in an entertaining way at all.

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Book of Daniel




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