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The services have ended and Daniel says goodbye to parishioners outside the church. Ellen Burstyn lets Daniel know that they need to talk. Daniel finds one of his parishioners, Ro, sitting on a bench, and asks after her mother. Ro's mother is not doing well; in fact, Ro is planning on removing her mother's life support that evening. Daniel promises to be there with her, and Ro is grateful. Ellen Burstyn again reminds Daniel that they need to talk, but another guy, Billy (played by Robert Clohessy, another Rescue Me connection), walks up and needs a minute. Ellen says she'll wait in Daniel's office, and takes off. Daniel tries to push Billy off until the next day, but Billy hands Daniel a check written on the church's account, and stamped "Insufficient Funds." Daniel is shocked, and whispers that there should be over $3 million in the account. Billy reminds Daniel that they can't break ground on the school until they get the money, and Daniel promises to take care of it.

In Daniel's office, Ellen Burstyn expresses her disappointment with Daniel's sermon, since it seemed to encourage people to give into temptation. Ellen Burstyn, who is the Bishop, reminds Daniel that the U.S. Episcopal Church is already in trouble for its liberal policies. Daniel tries to support his arguments with Biblical quotes, but Bishop Burstyn reminds him that she has some experience with the Word of God as well. Daniel gets a call and says that he has to leave. Bishop Burstyn asks to use Daniel's phone, and once he's out of the office, she spots the returned check sitting on his desk.

As Daniel tries to dash out, he's buttonholed by a parishioner named Roger, played by Dylan Baker. Ever since Happiness, dude is just creepy to me. Roger already knows about Grace's escapades, but promises that he's quashed any gossip about it. He wants to play golf with Daniel that afternoon, and won't take no for an answer, so Daniel agrees. Roger also suggests sending Grace to boarding school, which Daniel laughs off.

Back home, Daniel's son Peter is being congratulated by Rainy, who may be the housekeeper or something, although she's black and the whole family (almost) is white and it just leaves me feeling ooky, which might just be my issue. But they couldn't just get a different actress? Daniel walks in and asks what they're plotting about, and Peter reveals that he's decided to go into cancer research. Daniel doesn't look very happy, and asks what happened to Peter going into pediatrics and becoming a doctor. Peter says that he already knows a lot about leukemia, and alludes to a brother named Jimmy who died of it. Judith (the mom, formerly "Mrs. Daniel") walks into the room and drops a plate on the floor, shattering it. She makes a joke of it, and Daniel rushes over to help her, since she seems a bit unsteady on her feet, although no one overtly mentions it. Rainy tells everyone to go sit down while she cleans up. So I guess she is the maid.

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Book of Daniel




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