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A young Asian man runs down the stairs and into the dining room, greeting his parents and brother. Peter and the new brother banter about how Peter is gay until Judith puts a stop to it, saying that they don't need that kind of foolishness today. The Asian son is clearly the irreverent scamp. Daniel wonders where Grace is, and yells for her.

Upstairs, Grace stuffs some bags of pot into USPS envelopes, and then returns her stash to her teddy bear. Fool. You don't send pot through the mail; that makes it a Federal offense. (Right?) Rainy appears in her doorway, telling Grace that it's dinner time. It's not clear how much Rainy saw, but Grace looks guilty anyway.

Downstairs, the rest of the family is singing a pre-dinner prayer/hymn as Grace joins them. Adam, the Asian son, clearly knows all about Grace's arrest, but won't reveal his sources. Peter, trying to deflect blame, points out that Adam snuck inside well after his midnight curfew. Adam, also trying to deflect attention, brings up the fact that Peter is gay again, like, I think the family already knows about that. Grace tells Adam that "mixed marriages never work," and Adam retorts, "Shouldn't you be sucking on a bong in the attic?" Heh. That cracked me up. I like Adam. So far. Judith gets fed up and heads to the kitchen to make herself a martini, but not before announcing to her family that she feels justified in her drinking, since it's the weekend and it's after lunch. Adam points out that Grace is his adopted sister, for those of us wondering how in the hell the Websters ended up with an Asian son. The subject comes back to Grace's arrest, and Grace yells that she was just trying to raise money and that, while she'll gladly accept her punishment, she really doesn't want to talk about it. Adam says that Grace wants the money to buy computer equipment so that she can publish her Japanese animations. Peter is impressed that Grace is into manga, which Daniel worries is slang for weed. Grace says that she knew her father wouldn't give her the money, because he would think it was a waste. Judith walks back in with her martini as Grace storms out. Judith heads back to the kitchen in search of olives. Adam runs out because he has a date. Peter and Daniel look at each other. Daniel says he supposes that Peter hasn't become straight all of a sudden, and Peter asks if he's going to have to come out at every family meal. They both laugh and share a moment. So that's the family: minister Dad, drunkard Mom, gay son, Asian adopted son, and sensitive artist daughter. Got all that? Good, because it's about to get even more complicated.

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Book of Daniel




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