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Daniel goes to visit Frank ["another Hey! It's That Guy!" -- Wing Chun], a Catholic priest of his acquaintance. He asks Frank to help find Charlie and the money. Frank apparently has connections, if you know what I mean. Frank lists off the information he'll need to have in order to help, and Daniel is relieved. Frank says that he heard about Grace too, and Daniel is amused but not shocked that news traveled so fast.

Victoria sits in Judith's kitchen, trying to call her husband Charlie, and crying. Judith brings them both tea, and Victoria reports that not only is she unable to reach Charlie, but that she also can't reach his secretary. Judith just stares at her sister like her mauve cashmere sweater is the ugliest thing she's ever seen. Okay, it is pretty ugly, though. But the point is that it never occurred to Victoria that maybe her husband ran off with his secretary. Daniel comes in and asks for a moment of Judith's time. For some reason, Judith gets all in a snit. Daniel points out that Charlie embezzled church funds. Judith becomes protective of her baby sister, and Daniel says he'll be blamed for the whole thing because he hired "that goddamned thief." Daniel points out that he's not taking the Lord's name in vain, because he really wants God to damn Charlie. Judith says that she never liked Charlie either, but she thinks that his secretary, Jessie, talked him into taking the money. Daniel realizes that his no-good brother-in-law is an adulterer as well as an embezzler.

Adam walks in the front door as Daniel prepares to leave. They banter a bit about Adam dating Caroline. Daniel says that he has to go to the hospital for when his parishioner removes her mother's life support. Adam shakes his head and says, "Dad, you have had one long day." Daniel is surprised and touched that Adam noticed, since no one else did.

At the hospital, they remove life support, and Daniel comforts the patient as she dies, and then comforts her family once she's gone.

Later, Daniel walks back to his car, removing his clergywear. He finds Jesus sitting in the passenger seat and looks grateful for the support.

The next day, Daniel and Grace are walking back into the house after some sort of court appearance. Grace is insisting that she never intended to smoke the pot; Daniel wonders how someone so smart could do something so stupid. As they enter the house, Judith anxiously rushes over and asks what happened. Daniel reports that Grace got probation and community service. Grace acts all surly about it, and Daniel is shocked that she doesn't realize it could have been a lot worse. Has he met any teenagers before? Grace runs upstairs before the conversation can continue, and Daniel's cell phone rings. It's Frank. He reports that Charlie is dead. Daniel is worried that Frank's buddies did it, but learns that Charlie died of a heart attack. Judith tries to find out what news Daniel is getting, but he's focused on Frank, who says that Charlie was naked in a motel room in Daytona with "several diverse his rectum." Judith asks if they found the money. Daniel deadpans, "No. And apparently they looked everywhere."

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Book of Daniel




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