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Some Heads Are Bigger Than Others

Pablo's lesson with the other girl ends and he escorts her to the door. Carmen and Pablo begin their lesson, but Carmen freaks out at the thought of him teaching that other woman and starts to collect her things. Pablo is disappointed with her decision since her dancing has gotten so much better. She can't understand him, and he can't understand her. Finally she tells an older Hispanic lady to tell Pablo thank you and that she "learned a lot." Older Hispanic Lady tells Pablo in a subtitled Spanish conversation that he knows a lot about music, but he knows nothing about women. Uh, that's because he's gay!

The Big Head Challenge. Bush Private School for Special Needs Children is shutting out the Kennedy team 3,600 to zero. They break for a commercial, and the perturbed Kennedy team heads back to their dressing room to consider alternate strategies. They consider pulling Josh from the team and replacing him with Harrison. Harrison sticks up for Josh even though Josh wants out now that he knows that Lily isn't watching. The stage manager calls places. "Harrison's right," says Brooke. "We came as a team and we're going to leave as one." The break is over, and Brooke is the next contestant to step up. She faces the handsome woman who looks like Lynn Redgrave. The category is "Brooke McQueen," so Brooke gives answers like "eating disorder" and "Glamazon" to a series of personal questions and wins the next round. Sam wins the next round, a series of questions about shows on the WB. One of the answers she gives to an unheard question is "adult film star." Obviously, they must have been asking something about Simon Rex from Jack & Jill. The score is tied. Josh steps up. His opponent is the guy in the wheelchair who Harrison and Chem, watching from the dressing room, suspect might actually be Stephen Hawking, hired by Cherry Cherry to impersonate a high-school sophomore. But the category happens to be poultry, so Josh wins it. Lily, who as it turns out is watching, beams with pride as Kennedy moves into the lead and ultimately wins -- largely because Stephen Hawking can't hit the buzzer fast enough. Back in the dressing room, Cherry Cherry bursts in on the victory celebration and tells Mary Cherry how proud she was to see her embarrass her own mother on television. Although she's grounded for life for crossing her -- and she's out of the will. "Thanks for playing a game with me, Mama," says a bittersweet Mary Cherry.

Back at Kennedy, Lily apologizes to Carmen for what she said about Pablo and realizes now that there are more important things than the SAT. Carmen accepts her apology because, she realizes, Lily was ultimately right. But she wasn't, as Lily points out, because Pablo is right there. He asks Carmen out in English, thanks to some note cards his aunt gave him with the correct words spelled out for him phonetically. What a moment of triumph for fat girls everywhere! Carmen wipes away an invisible tear and says, "Sí." Her face glows like a beef chimichanga fresh from the deep fryer.

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