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Nobag Is Gabon Spelled Stupid
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For the previously on segment, Probst continues to hate on Fang. We did get to see a replay of Randy's "wah wah wah" moment, which I always enjoy, and they didn't cut as soon as he stopped this time, so we get to see more of his teammates' reactions. Susie turns to Randy and looks disgusted. Good for you, Susie! The rest of the tribe seems to be pretending they aren't there except for Bob, who really does think he's somewhere else. Why does Probst insist on calling the tribes "the red tribe" and "the yellow tribe?" If you don't want them to have stupid quasi-native tribe names, then don't name them that. Oh, and there goes Marcus. Ha ha!

The newly Marcus-less Kota returns to camp. Susie and Crystal hug and then go to Ken, who's trying to re-start the fire. Ken says "the Crystal in [him] came out" at Tribal Council, as he gave Marcus an earful of attitude. Traditionally, only Crystal is usually brave/foolish enough to do that. Susie says she's "proud" of the man Ken has become since she last was on a tribe with him, saying it's great that he's coming out of his shell. Great for Susie, that is. The more everyone else comes out of his shell and has public outbursts, the further under the radar she can fly. Standing tall, Ken tells us that he's very happy not to have gone home. He says his days of flying under the radar are over, and now it's time that he stood up for himself. He then takes credit for both Ace and Marcus's blindsides, when Marcus's blindside was all about Crystal and Susie. I don't think I'm going to like this new alpha Ken. Bob joins the crew around the fire and makes everything awkward. Ken tells us that Bob is the next to go, sounding more and more like Marcus and Ace with every passing word. Bob shows that he has been paying some attention to this game and says he assumes he'll be voted out next if they lose another challenge. No one answers him, and the question really shouldn't have been asked. Bob tells us that he needs a merge, or else "I'm history. Even though I teach science. Um ... that was a little joke." Was it ever! Bob? More like LOL!

After the credits, we head back to Fang, who has finally run out of rice. Ha ha ha! The people chiefly responsible for the lack of rice -- Crystal and Ken -- are over at Kamp Kota with an herb garden and coffee while the people who won all those food rewards --Charlie, Corinne, and Randy -- starve. That's so unfair. Not only that, but Matty tells us that they can't make fire anymore for some reason. He really wants a merge. He and Charlie get the latest treemail, and everyone hopes it tells them they're going to merge. Randy notes that the treemail comes with a flag, and hopes it's the new tribe flag, even though it's red. The treemail says nothing about a merge, but indicates that the next Reward Challenge will be golf-related and the reward will be the standard trip to a cultural village where the natives dress up and put on a show and we're supposed to think that's how they live all the time when in reality they probably own jeans and live in homes with electricity and TVs and stuff. The treemail also includes a giant slingshot with an over-sized golf ball to practice with. And just to make what's about to come even more awesome, Corinne tells us she was hoping for a merge so she could see Marcus again and that she doesn't care who went home from Kota last night as long as her alliance with Charlie and Marcus is still intact.

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