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Termites Of Endearment
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Previously on Call Me Hogeboom: Gary experienced a crisis when his "tricky" "plan" to hide his identity hit a snag in the form of being recognized. He really shouldn't have kept making his teammates toss food to him backwards through their legs. Nakum went fishing and grabbed up a few of the more hapless members of the Fair Angling Society. ("What do we want?" "Catch and release!" "When do we want it?" "Now!") Yaxha lost immunity, and the prospective bootees were narrowed down to Lydia and Morgan, who sucked at rope-dangling and camping, respectively. After Brian took up for Lydia as someone who at least did a little bit of work around camp and didn't sit around waiting for the peeling of the proverbial grape, the group swung at the last minute and sent home the show's first real live magician's assistant. Write your own "wasn't able to pull a rabbit out of her hat" joke, if you'd like. Or something about going "poof."

Credits. I can't tell yet whether this is the Season of Human Sacrifice, the Season of Archeology, or the Season of Imposing Monkeys.

Ruins. Misty forest. Long-legged birds. Uhhh...ring-tailed lemurs? No, clearly not that. Ring-tailed somethings. I don't know. The baby one is cute, but overall, those guys are weird-looking. Sort of...part raccoon, part anteater, part cat. If you've ever seen Pod People, they look a little bit like Trumpy. I'm pretty sure the next one is a parrot. For a minute, I was thinking it was a toucan, but I was just distracted because I'm thinking about cereal. We are at Yaxha. It is Day 7. Lydia is dragging an enormous tree back to camp, helping out as she is wont to do. Most of the rest of the tribe is still snoozing. Rafe is sleeping with his arms thrown high above his head, which I think is probably a no-no, armpit-exposure-wise. ["Yes: he's leaving himself wide open for a tickling." -- Wing Chun] Lydia interviews that she knows she was a candidate for booting last night. She says she works hard and doesn't "deserve to go." This tribe is way too hung up on this whole "deserve" thing, I have to say. She says, though, that she also wouldn't have booted Morgan. She would have booted Brianna, whom Lydia finds to be "on the weak side," and not in the basketball-defense kind of way, as we will painfully see later. Lydia thinks the tribe needs to start winning.

In a painfully awkward sequence, Lydia and Brianna sit awkwardly next to each other, not making conversation. That kind of thing looks very conspicuous in this sort of setting, because it's not like they have a whole lot of other stuff to do. It's hard to look like you're too busy for talking when it's pretty much that or counting your bug bites. "I think it's going to rain; what do you think?" Brianna says, making a notably lame effort. Lydia agrees. The silence descends again. Well, that was lively while it lasted, wasn't it? Brianna interviews that she and Lydia don't get along. "She's just not my cup of tea," Brianna offers.

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