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All is not well. I mean, obviously that was the case at the end of last week's episode, but it's also true now, in a totally different setting.

There's a dead prairie dog by the side of a desert road. When Steven Linder's blue Impala drives past it, the hood is dented and bent. Though I belatedly realize that that's probably just from when he dropped Calaca's body onto it from his second-story apartment window. In the driver's seat, Linder himself is apparently listening to opera instead of Slim Whitman like one would expect of a person who looks like Steven Linder. He adjusts his mirror so we can see the good news, which is that he's wisely grown out his beard to fill in the mutton-carcasses he was rocking the last time we saw him, three episodes ago. There's also a suit jacket hanging from the hook in the back seat, so there must be a special occasion in the offing. Yeah, we came back around to more bad news there at the end.

He drives straight to Bob's Bible Compound and Re-virgining Shoppe, barely slowing down to bump open at the cross-emblazoned gate, and steps out of the car in Bob's front yard, throwing the suit jacket on over the white cowboy shirt he's wearing today. Now that he's properly turned out to play a gig at the Grand Ole Opry, he strides up next to the house, where Bob himself is in a crouch to examine a hen. "Blessings, Steven," Bob says. Linder's clearly in a mood, because he makes the sign of the cross at Bob and responds with some mocking gibberish that's actually pretty funny. Though it's difficult to tell how much of the humor is derived from Linder's actual voice. Seeing that he may have offended Bob, he smooths it over by complimenting the chicken. Bob's also in a mood, complaining that the bird won't lay eggs and seems over-caffeinated.

"Seems like a chicken," Linder says, oblivious to this symbolic warning sign that females in Bob's charge do not always behave as expected. Bob releases the hen back into the yard (I was actually worried there for a second), and asks Linder what brings him here. Linder answers in language Bob can understand: he's had a revelation. "Tell it!" Bob says happily, raising his hands heavenward. But he's less happy when Linder announces that he wants to marry Eva Guerra. In fact, Linder has brought a ring, and wants Bob to officiate in the event Eva says yes. Today, in fact, which at least explains the suit. Bob says he's honored, but Eva's gone. Apparently she decided she "wanted off the path" a week ago. Which I'm sure had nothing to do with the fact that her murderous boyfriend is dead now. Linder executes a pained grimace that shows more of his teeth than we've ever seen before, and wonders why Bob didn't tell him about this. Then he marches back to his car, declaring his determination to find her. And without so much as asking Bob which way she went.

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