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Mendez has brought Frye home for dinner at her mom's, which he declares "So much better than hospital food." High praise indeed. Mama Mendez offers him a beer, which he turns down after a pause. One of Mendez's sisters asks Frye whether everything still works "down there," and Frye assures her it's all fine. Which his disappointed date from several episodes ago would consider a miraculous recovery, I'm sure. Clearing the table, Mama Mendez says in Spanish that Mendez doesn't want to marry a man in a chair, with which Mendez heartily agrees, though of course the chair isn't the part she doesn't want to marry. Frye doesn't have enough Spanish to know what they're saying, but he guesses that Mama Mendez is talking about him. "She doesn't think Adriana should marry you," one of the girls confirms to Frye. "You can say that again," Frye heartily agrees.

As she helps her mom clear up, Mendez is still insisting that she isn't getting married, until her mom tells her to shut up. Frye can read the tone well enough to see that things are getting heated, and Mama Mendez says she doesn't want Mendez teaching her younger sister Daniela "things." Like what, scissoring? Mendez sarcastically says something about Daniela being sheltered, which the sister says she's not. "You call your vagina a flower," Mendez tells her. "Vaheena?" Frye repeats alertly. Mendez is getting sick of her mom's craziness, and Mama Mendez pressures Mendez to go to a priest and talk about her "problem." Oh, jeez. Mendez points out her mom doesn't have a problem with her when she's paying for stuff. "Why is everyone so mad?" the youngest asks. Frye tries to defuse things by suggesting they all go out for ice cream, but Mendez yells in English, "We can't. Because I date women I'm an embarrassment to the family." Her mom smacks her across the face and tells her to get out. "With pleasure," says Mendez, storming out of the house and leaving Frye parked at the table. "Oh, shit," he says. Abandoned again. If nothing else, he's going to have to start pushing his own wheelchair if only to leave the places she ditches him at.

Late at night, a black car drives past some penned-up burros and up to a palatial house somewhere in Mexico. There's a rather unwholesome-looking party going on there, with some rather unwholesome-looking characters standing around smoking and drinking with their shirts open and their expressions closed. The driver walks around to the passenger side and assists his passenger from the shotgun seat. She's been tarted up in a blue mini-dress and appears to be in a rather unwholesome state of mind, which is to say heavily drugged. Also, as though you don't already know this, she is Eva Guerra. Her week just keeps getting worse and worse, and that isn't about to change.

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