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Wade and Cross wait on the steps of the courthouse, and eventually Ruiz turns up, looking pretty natty in an actual suit. Ties are still for squares, though, not that Wade is wearing one either. "You came," Cross smiles. Wade shakes his hand and says, "Good for you." Cross gives Ruiz a gift: the horse pendant that once hung from the mirror in her sister's car, which Ruiz noticed the first time he rode in it. She even clasps his hand as he accepts it. Ruiz softly thanks her, and then the Corrections van rolls up. Tate steps out, handcuffed and wearing a suit with a tie. He tips Ruiz a little nod like he recently won a totally sweet prank war, then gets led around to the back entrance, smirking back at Ruiz as he goes. Ruiz leads the way into the courthouse. Now let's get the hell out of this scene before something happens.

So we rejoin Ruiz on another day. He wakes up to the sideways camera again, which again rotates as his now eleven seconds tick by. Then he sits up in his boxers and makes the bed before putting on his pants, because just think about how much heartache could have been avoided this season if only more people had listened to Cross sooner. The doorbell rings again, but this time it's his coworker Celia. He's surprised to see her here, and asks if anything's wrong. She says she's tired of it, and he invites her in to sit down. In his living room, which has been made habitable again in the interim, she says she's tired of keeping quiet. Ruiz gets it, but warns her to stay calm. "You have to be very careful with what you know." "You know Zapata," she says. "'It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees." Ruiz asks what happened, and she says she saw something. "The girl you were looking for. Eva. I saw her at the police station." Ruiz asks when, and she says yesterday, until an officer took her away. Which is weird, because doesn't it seem like Eva's most recent ordeal took place the night before last? Ruiz looks miserable at this news, and Celia says they have to help her. Ruiz tells her to leave it to him, and she agrees. So I guess what she was saying is that he has to help Eva.

Steven Linder is out in the desert with the woman he met at the wall, and they're both working their way along slowly, poking at the bare ground with long, pointed sticks. There's no explanatory dialogue, so presumably they're looking for soft spots that indicate a fresh grave. Which makes this one of those searches where you hope to not find what you're looking for. This is depressing enough, but as they come over a slight rise, Linder looks out over the field and sees that there are dozens if not scores of people out here doing the exact same thing. It's basically the grimmest pastoral scene you can imagine. Their search takes them all the way to a grove of those telltale pink crosses, with girls' names painted on them. And it lasts until the sun sinks below the hills. And that's all that happens before next week's finale. Let's hope more happens then.

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